Site Quality CSU.1.0
Links Requirements CSU.13.1.1
"Click here" Link
"More" Link

Links Requirements CSU.13.1.2


Accessibility Section H - CSU.H43
Accessibility Section G - CSU.H51a
Accessibility Section G - CSU.H73a
Accessibility Section G - CSU.F49

Moving / Flickering Elements

Accessibility Section J - CSU.7.3.1

text scrolling as marquee


{ text-decoration:blink } in the CSS code


Semantic Requirements CSU.H42a
Incorrect Nesting

Refer to the top of the page for an example of inproperly nested headers, H1, H2, H4.

screen shot of top of the page showing improperly nested headers

Incorrect Nesting Live example
Correct heading live example.
Incorrect heading live example.

Applets and Plugins

Accessibility Section M - CSU.6.3.8
Document Types
Document Viewers

Note: Not all necessary viewers are included


Accessibility Section N - CSU.H44a
Form field without a LABEL


Accessibility Section N - CSU.H44b
Form field with FOR and ID mismatched

Form field paired with its LABEL

Accessibility Section N - CSU.H65
Form field without a LABEL or TITLE

Form field with empty TITLE

Form field with TITLE instead of LABEL

Focus as a triger

Accessibility Section N - CSU.G107


Accessibility Section I - CSU.H64

Alternate Text

ALT Quality CSU.2.1

Pass: alt = "CSU The California State University" CSU The California State University

Fail: alt = "logo" logo

Accessibility Section A - CSU.H37a

No alternative text is provided for image with no link

Empty alternative text is provided for an image inside anchor with no text

ALT Quality CSU.1.6

alt = "Photo of CSUN's campus" Photo of the CSUN campus

alt = "Image of a Photo" Image of Photo

ALT Quality CSU.1.2

Fail: alt = "horn.jpg"

Accessiblity Section B - CSU.Multimedia


Accessibility Section J - CSU.F16

Slider by Jared Smith from WebAIM

Color Contrast

Accessibility Section C - CSU.G18

Font size small than 18pt (or smaller than 14 point if Bold)

style="background-color:#006204; color:#FFFFFF;"


font-size:13pt; font-weight:bold;

style="background-color:#990000; color:#009907;"


font-size:13pt; font-weight:bold;

Accessibility Section C - CSU.G145

Font size 18pt or larger (or 14 point or larger if Bold)

style="background-color:#006204; color:#FFFFFF;"


font-size:14pt; font-weight:bold;


font-size:15pt; font-weight:bold;

style="background-color:#990000; color:#009907;"


font-size:15pt; font-weight:bold;

Information conveyed by Color

Accessibility Section C CSU G14b
Bad Example:

Fill Out the form below to register now

All field in red are required information

Contact Information

Good Example:

Fill Out the form below to register now

* required information

Contact Information





Accessibility Section B

Captioned Video

Audio Description

Video without Captions nor Audio Descriptions

Accessibility Section A - CSU.H24
Sir Joshua Reynolds – Host David Garrick – actor Edmund Burke – statesman Pasqual Paoli – Corsican patriot Charles Burney – music historian Thomas Warton – poet laureate Oliver Goldsmith – writer Joshua Reynolds' painting ''The Infant Academy'' (1782) Joshua Reynolds' painting ''Puck'' (1789) An unknown portrait servant – poss. Francis Barber Use button to enlarge or use hyperlinks