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Welcome to the Community Services Guide


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Contact Us

Francesca Vega

Director of Government and Community Relations

Susan Widelitz

Administrative Assistant

California State University, Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8353
Tel: (818) 677-2123
Fax: (818) 677-7739

Business Services

Career Center

(818) 677-2878

Post your job or internship on our website http://www.csun.edu/career.

Employer Services: Patricia Gaynor, assistant director, (818) 677-2941

Internship Services: Jan Potzmann, assistant director, (818) 677-2320

Mentoring Program: Nyla Dalferes, assistant director, (818) 677-3079

  • CSUN Alumni and degreed community members can access career services for a small fee. Check the website or call (818) 677-2878 for more information.
  • Members of the CSUN Alumni Association receive a discount for career services and free access to job listings for one year.
  • Offers an opportunity for students and Alumni to meet potential employers at our October, March, and June Career Fairs. Education Expo is held in the spring.
  • List internships and job opportunities.
  • Participate in the Campus Interview Program.
  • Become a Career Center partner. Help students make meaningful career choices, build skills, and prepare for the world of work.
  • Find opportunities to connect to students through mentoring, speaking engagements, career information and resume critique days, and clubs and organizations.


Center for China Finance and Business Research

Chao Chen, director, (818) 677-4622

  • Facilitates the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to China’s finance and business.
  • Provides professional and advisory services to faculty, students, and community through seminars, internships, independent studies, and training programs.
  • Promotes exchange of China’s finance and business information through creating database, working papers, published papers, websites, visiting research fellows, and updating regulatory and policy changes in China.
  • Conducts research that leads to a better understanding of the dynamic business relationship between the United States and China.


Center for Financial Services

Michael Phillips, co-director, (818) 677-2579

  • Promotes the provision and development of financial services education.
  • Supports the pursuit of scholarly projects and publications.
  • Increases communication among faculty, students, and professionals in the financial services field.


Center for Insurance Education and Research

Patricia Born, co-director, (818) 677-4614

  • Promotes development of insurance education.
  • Encourages scholarly projects and publications related to insurance, risk management and finance.
  • Increases communication among insurance industry companies, faculty and the public on issues related to insurance and risk management.


Center for Public Archaeology

Matthew Des Lauriers, director, (818) 677-3331

The Center for Public Archaeology is an archaeological research facility closely associated with the Anthropology Department and was created to meet several needs. Those needs include student training in archaeology, advancement of research in California archaeology, and consulting with public and private agencies in meeting regulatory requirements related to archaeological resources.


Center for Real Estate

Donald Bleich, director, (818) 677-2410

  • Provides professional and advisory services related to real estate for the benefit of the larger community served by the University and the College of Business and Economics.
  • Facilitates the conduct and pursuit of scholarly projects and publications related to real estate. The scope of these efforts will include theoretical, applied and pedagogical inquiry related to the aforementioned areas of study.
  • Increases communication among faculty, real estate professionals, individuals and others concerned with the Center’s research and education efforts.
  • Promotes development of real estate education. The scope of the Center’s efforts will include assistance in the development and maintenance of a real estate curriculum.
  • Promotes the professional growth and development of faculty, students, and professionals from the real estate community.


Wells Fargo Center for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

Franck Vigneron, director, (818) 677-6646

Apply at http://www.csun.edu/csbe

  • Offers free consulting, including detailed analyses and reports, by student teams under faculty supervision for qualifying small businesses.


Center for Southern California Studies

Matthew Cahn, director, (818) 677-6518

  • Facilitates evidence-based analysis and discourse to encourage productive policy dialogue and community development.
  • Promotes study, documentation and understanding of Southern California’s social, cultural, and ecological resources.
  • Provides professional services including consultation and policy analysis to private sector and governmental agencies throughout California.
  • Provides technical services in Geographic Information Services (GIS), interactive mapping and web-based technology (ArcIMS) and cartography.
  • Performs contract and grant-funded studies of the metropolitan Los Angeles and Southern California regions.
  • Provides support and coordination of research and publication on Southern California.
  • Provides schools, special courses, lectures, meetings and workshops, and other activities appropriate to the purpose of the CSCS.


Center of Survey Research

Jerald Schutte, coordinator, (818) 677-4049

  • Conducts survey research for public agencies and private organizations on topics of interest to the local community.


Entertainment Industry Institute

College of Arts, Media, and Communications, Robert Gustafson, director, (818) 677-3432

  • Promotes closer ties between the university and the entertainment industry.
  • Advances the artistic, cultural and economic life of the surrounding communities.


Management and Organization Development Center (MOD Center)

Alan Glassman, director, (818) 677-6400

The MOD Center at the College of Business and Economics provides expert consultation to clients on a wide-range of organizational issues, e.g. strategic planning, transformational change, organization architecture, and performance feedback. The Center provides applied training and development programs and customized research and program evaluation to improve organizational performance to public, social, and private sector clients, locally, statewide, and internationally. Acting as a gateway to Cal State Northridge for its surrounding community, the Center focuses on substantive issues that are critical to organizational transformation and profound change. MOD has gained recognition from top government officials across the State of California, and is known for its deep understanding of California’s vast public sector.


San Fernando Valley Economic Research Center

Daniel Blake, director (818) 677-7021, http://www.csun.edu/sfverc

Located in the College of Business and Economics, the Center collects, assembles, analyzes, and disseminates economic, social, and demographic information on the San Fernando Valley and related areas. On campus, the Center facilitates and coordinates information and research projects concerned with the Valley economy and encourages applied research across various academic disciplines, with faculty and students participating in original research. The Center also provides liaison assistance between businesses and organizations within the San Fernando Valley community.

The Center produces one annual publication, the CSUN Economic Forecast of the San Fernando Valley, and four smaller, quarterly reports. The CSUN Economic Forecast features an economic model developed specifically for the Valley, which is also informed by a survey of medium-sized businesses in key Valley industries. The Forecast projects three years into the future on economic and demographic activities such as employment, commercial and residential real estate construction, population, and more. The four smaller, quarterly reports include unique data and analysis of key Valley industries, essential services—health, education, public safety—and topical issues such as transportation infrastructure, air quality, and housing.