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Contact Us

To contact the Foundation office, please call 818-677-4657
fax us at 818-677-4823



Charge: The Executive Committee is charged with the presentation of business of the corporation and the preparation of proposals for the Board. Between meetings of the Board, the Executive Committee has the power to take conclusive action on matters otherwise reserved for the Board of Directors.

Composition: The Executive Committee consists of the Chair of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chair, the Immediate Past Chair, the University President, the Foundation President, the Vice President(s) of the Foundation, and the Chair and Co-Chair(s) of each standing Committee. The Board may appoint additional directors who have been identified by the President as individuals who may perform critical leadership roles. The Executive Committee meets at least three times annually in the months prior to the Board meetings.


Charge: The Finance & Investment Committee is charged with the oversight of the financial practices of the Foundation. This includes reviewing the annual operating budget, developing and monitoring investment policies of the Foundation. The committee will make recommendations to the Board regarding investment managers and will monitor the guidelines for reviewing the performance of such managers. The Finance & Investment Committee meets quarterly and always prior to the Executive Committee.

Composition: Committee involvement on this committee is on a voluntary basis.


Charge: The Development Committee is responsible for identification, cultivation and solicitation of major gifts (defined as all gifts of $10,000 or more & multi-year pledges), from individuals, corporations and foundations. The committee is charged with identifying those prospects for which a planned gift may be of interest, providing appropriate information and materials for solicitation of such gifts. The committee also provides oversight of all corporate and foundation solicitations and will assist the colleges in those fund raising efforts. The committee meets twice a year in October and March, or as necessary.

Composition: Committee involvement on this committee is on a voluntary basis.


Charge: The Board Membership Committee is charged with reviewing contact information on potential candidates, providing selection advice and nominating candidates to serve on the Foundation Board. The committee meets twice a year in October and April, or as necessary.

Composition: Committee involvement on this committee is on a voluntary basis.


(CSUN Foundation, The University Corporation, and North Campus Development)

Charge: On behalf of the three campus auxiliaries, the Audit committee will engage, retain or terminate independent auditor, negotiate compensation, confer with auditor regarding financial affairs of each auxiliary, determine whether to accept the audit report, and approve the performance of any non-audit service for a designated auxiliary by its independent auditor.

Composition: Audit Committee members are appointed, may not include any staff members, are not compensated, and may not have any material financial interest in any entity doing business with the auxiliary. The person who chairs the audit committee may not serve as the chair of an auxiliary finance & investment committee. It is anticipated that the committee will meet approximately three times per year.