California State University, Northridge - Did You Know...

October 2009

Vol. IX - No. 3

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California State University, Northridge President Jolene Koester urged the nation’s higher education chiefs to take the lead in developing accountability systems that focus on student success. Koester told a gathering of mostly public university administrators in Williamsburg, Va., in October, that demands for accountability in higher education “will not go away…therefore, it is up to us in the higher education community to discipline ourselves in our work on accountability.”

Terry Craven (the Matadors’ first baseball All-American), Dorothea “Granny” Heitz (the greatest sports fan in Matador history) Garrett Noel (a two-time Cal State Northridge track & field All-American), Priscilla Rouse Becker (a CSUN softball All-American) and the 1967 Junior Rose Bowl team are the newest members of the prestigious Matador Hall of Fame. This distinguished 2010 Matador Hall of Fame class will be honored at a luncheon banquet on February 21, 2010 at the Warner Center Marriott Hotel.

The grease paint! The costumes! The characters and their stories! Cal State Northridge theatre faculty—professor J’aime Morrison and lecturer Annie Cleveland—are taking the magic of live theater around the world as the university’s two latest recipients of Fulbright awards. Morrison will be traveling to Portugal next spring to develop and create a dance theatre piece based on work by Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa. Cleveland left last month for Taiwan for a nine-month teaching appointment in the Department of Theatre at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

With actors Warren Beatty, Hugh Dancy, Rose McGowan and Eva Longoria Parker looking on, actress Evan Rachel Wood presented Cal State Northridge’s film department with $86,000 in August on behalf of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The grant to CSUN’s Department of Cinema and Television Arts includes $60,000 in fellowships for student senior film projects and $26,000 for institutional support.

Cal State Northridge business law faculty have negotiated a deal with publishers to make versions of frequently used textbooks available online. The effort could save CSUN’s more than 1,300 business law students about $150 each if they purchase the online versions.