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Todd Prepsky
Director, Annual Giving

Cal State Northridge
18111 Nordhoff Street
Mail Code 8275
Northridge, CA 91330-8275

Phone: (818) 677-2999
Fax: (818) 677-4823
E-mail: csunfund@csun.edu

Reasons to Give

There are many reasons to include Cal State Northridge in your annual giving plan. Below are just a few:

Improves the Quality of Student Education by Supporting Academic Departments and Centers on Campus

Because department budgets are often stretched so thin, your CSUN Fund gift helps provide the "margin of excellence" by allowing departments to expand their programs and add new ones, thereby creating new opportunities for students and faculty. You can also directly support our many fine centers on campus that serve the community, such as the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program, the Adaptive Aquatic Therapy Center, the Music Therapy Clinic, and many others.

Library Materials

CSUN Fund gifts help to keep the Oviatt Library's permanent collection up to date and allows the library to purchase new books, periodicals, and research databases. Your gift also helps them to repair books and periodicals that have been in the collection for almost fifty years and are out of print. Because many of these volumes have been through many hands, they are often irreplaceable.


You can also designate your gift to support the University Scholarship Fund. CSUN Fund gifts help to relieve the financial burden that so many CSUN students face these days. In fact, more than 60% of CSUN students receive some form of financial aid. Increasing the number of scholarships for deserving students is one way the CSUN Fund is directly working to improve the quality of students' lives.

Equipment Upgrades

Your CSUN Fund gift helps support the purchase of new computers for computer labs, science materials, and other departmental supplies that may not be covered in the regular budget. By making a gift, you are helping to keep CSUN students on the cutting edge of technology.


Annual Fund gifts also help our 18 sports teams by helping to defray the cost of equipment, transportation, and other costs. It is very expensive to field 18 sports teams each year, so your CSUN Fund gift really makes a difference. Plus, CSUN Fund gifts also help with student-athlete scholarships, making it possible to attract excellent athletes to CSUN.

Corporate and Foundation Gifts

Many alumni are not aware that corporations and foundations often look at the percentage of alumni and parent participation when they are considering making a major gift to universities for research or other purposes. This gives them a good of how sound their investment is and can actually encourage them in their decision-making process. So your CSUN Fund gift can translate into a much larger gift for Cal State Northridge.

Matching Gift Companies

Did you know that many companies have matching gift programs for their employees? When an employee makes a gift, the employer will match their gift or even double or triple it. That means your CSUN Fund gift can become a much larger one and YOU get credit for it.

Increased Degree Value

CSUN has been rising in stature every year, and the more alumni and parents that support the university, the faster its reputation grows. That means that your CSUN Fund gift can actually help to increase the value of your degree. That can be very helpful to alumni when they are doing a job search and putting Cal State Northridge on their resume.


Like most universities, we are in competition with other institutions to draw qualified students and faculty to our campus. As more alumni give to CSUN our programs improve, which raises the stature of the university. Thus, CSUN is rapidly becoming a first-choice institution, which allows us to be competitive in terms of drawing high-quality students and renowned faculty.

Giving Back

You may not know it, but you benefited from the CSUN Fund even if you never received financial aid. When you were a student, previous alumni were supporting the university, which means you were reaping the benefits of alumni generosity. You can help us continue that legacy by supporting current students with a gift to the CSUN Fund.

Keeping Tuition Affordable

A Cal State Northridge education has always been one of the best bargains in higher education and that's still true today. Because CSUN Fund gifts help to supplement academic departments in many ways, they help to keep tuition at a manageable level.

In Remembrance / In Memory

Is there a particular person who made an impact on your life? Possibly a family member, friend, or a memorable professor? A CSUN Fund gift can be a great way to honor someone in particular or even just a period of your life that you found special.