The University Corporation

HR Forms


Absence and Additional Time Worked To report absences and additional time worked. Needs supervisor approval.
Action Request For emergency hires and appointment status changes.   Waiver of Recruitment
Applicant Selection and Disposition Form Used by supervisors to convey final selection after completion of interviews in a job search.
Attendance Report For salaried employees to report time worked.
Background Verification Form  Required for all positions to check if background check is needed.
Benefit Forms See Benefits
Change of Address Used to change your mailing address
DE-4 (State witholding) To identify the amount of state income tax you wish to have witheld
Direct Deposit Form Used to enroll or change direct deposit of pay
Disciplinary Action Form (PIP) Used by supervisors to document a performance improvement plan (PIP)
Employee Handbook Printable version (pdf) of the handbook
Employee Handbook Acknowledgement Used by employees to acknowledge that they have received and read the handbook.
Faculty Payment Request Used by Faculty staff to request payment of wages
Faculty Sign In Used by Faculty staff to activate payroll from TUC
Foodservice Employee Sign In Used by Foodservice supervisors/managers to hire a new employee or to change benefits.
Hourly Timesheet Used by hourly employees to report time worked
Job Application All applications are now completed online. Please visit
Leave of Absence Request To request a leave of absence
Meal Break Waiver Agreement To waive meal break when working a shift less than 6 hours
New Employee Sign In For new hires to complete before or on the first day of work
New Hire IT set up To request TUC system access or to remove access
Notice of Promotion/Reassignment Used by Food Service Management
Performance Evaluation For supervisors to evaluate employee performance
Position Description Used by supervisors to create new position
Recruitment Form To post a open position and recruit
Salary Payment Authorization Used by supervisors in conjunction with the Attendance Report to request payment.
Separation Form Used by supervisors to initiate separation of an employee in the system
SMART Evaluation Used by Foodservice
Student Availabilty Schedule Completed by student applicants and turned in with a job application
Workers Compensation Forms See Workplace Safety
W-4 (Federal witholding) To identify the amount of federal income tax you wish to have witheld.
W-5 Earned Income Credit (EIC) Use this form if you are eligible to receive earned income credit. See form for eligibility details.