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Crossing the Disciplines

The classroom is a pluralistic environment.  Its decorated walls are daily reminders. These surfaces are laden with products from different cultures, abilities, and perspectives.  Diversity does not limit itself to the classroom as it is simply a microcosm of the world outside of it.  The Transdisciplinary Teacher Development Project (TTDP) equips future and current educators with a holistic lens by which they can reach students while recognizing the individual characteristics, strengths, and needs of all involved.



The projects of the TTDP touch on a vast array of areas ranging from the implementation of math tutoring programs in schools to transitioning students into college.  Furthermore, the projects provide teachers with comprehensive tools to reach the diverse cultural populations of the classroom as well as students with different abilities. 



Projects employ approaches from various departments from the California State University, Northridge. They include Special Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, English, School Psychology and Counseling, Kinesiology, Psychology and more. The projects are:

ACT Strategies Project
Adapted PE Project
Bridging Cultures Project
Learning about IEPs Project
Math Lab Project
Post-Secondary Disability Project
Write for Your Life Project