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Effective immediately, daily meal expenses for travel will be based on actual amounts incurred subject to the daily maximum meal reimbursement cap of $55/day allowance. The Reimbursement Rates webpage contains details related to the meals reimbursement policy.


Beginning spring 2014, CSUN faculty and staff will be able to process and track all of their travel reimbursements online. The eTravel Reimbursement project has been designed to enhance sustainability by moving paper processes and approvals online, reduce time to reimbursement, provide notifications & online status of travel authorizations and expense claims. Additionally, the new eTravel service will allow users to scan and upload receipts from their mobile devices. For more information, review the eTravel Reimbursement Project Executive Summary or the eTravel Reimbursement Benefits Overview

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International and High Risk Travel Quick Guide 
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Creating a Travel AuthorizationGuideVideo*
Creating a Cash AdvanceGuideVideo*
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 Need Help?

For information on travel policy contact the Travel Desk at (818) 677-2945.

For eTravel technical support, create a Service Request to Solar Financials or email For immediate assistance contact SOLAR Financials by phone (818) 677-6685.