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Assessing Evidence:

Beverly Cabello Working with LAUSD's Research and Evaluation unit and the CSU Teacher Quality Center, we gathered evidence in a pilot study (reported at AERA in '06) that suggested that prospective teachers who took a coherent preparation program, integrating subjects matter with methods and practice, had a greater effect on pupil learning than those who who studied in a miscellany of programs, often at several community colleges and universities. Professor Beverly Cabello has lead this effort. AASCU has summarized the process.

The results complemented a much larger but methodologically similar preliminary study by CSU's Teacher Quality Center. Nonetheless,  to compensate for data and methodological shortcomings in ourwork, we contracted with CRESST to do an HLM/VAM study of over 20,000 LAUSD records linked to CSUN and non-CSUN program graduates. The final report suggests that during '99-03, our graduate performed much like their teachers in LAUSD; however, there are indications that ITEP and ACT students out-perform others as teachers.

Along the way, we constructed a data warehouse that combines records demographics, evaluations, and assessment inform the data warehousefrom CSUN'S degree audit system and PeopleSoft with candidate's evaluations. We can link data points in their academic and social profiles with LAUSD records of the pupils whom they taught.  Institutional Research spents hours cleaning and aligning the files.

We also aligned our qualitative instruments--interviewing and observational--with one another and with teaching effectiveness and clinical practice to assure validity and reliability.

WDean Philip Ruscheith CPRE and Stanford TNE, we conducted a conference on California's readiness to design clinical sites according to the evidence principle. And working with the the Basin CSUs and CSU Deans' Council, we have assessed the twenty-three campuses' readiness to apply the evidence principle to teacher reform. Dean Phil Rusche, of the Michael D. Eisner College of Education at California State University, Northridge, has coordinated this effort with his CSU counterparts. The Deans' final report proposes an integrated data collection system for the CSU.