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Creating Strong Clinical Practice and Induction:

Partnering with LAUSD, wNancy Prosenjake initially set up three cohorted pilot clinical sites (Langdon, Monroe, and Sepulveda) and an induction program to support graduates recently in the field. Additionally, we have carried out clinical tasks at Northridge Academy High School, on our campus, and Chime Charter, which campus faculty helped to set up a decade ago. Professor Nancy Prosenjak is coordinating this effort.

With the help of SRI, we learned that site value depends mainly on the cohesion of peer candidates and peers with CSUN-LAUSD mentors who shape candidates' disposition and practical confidence with just-in-time counsel. We also have learned that we have to structure collaboration carefully to insure that candidate practice reinforces the preservice and candidancy curriculum.

While these shifts in attitude affect hireability, we also have not yet made  a link with pupil learning. We have discovered gaps between CSUN approaches to lesson planning and district practice; faculty are bridging these in both preparation and induction courses. We also had to change the training of observers; they were not sensitive to candidates' ability to adapt teaching strategies to learners' needs.

Distilling these lessons from the pilot sites, we are now preparing to disseminatSepulveda Middle Schoole best practice across network of placement sites. We are studying twenty-two typical sites to learn more about school-univessity relations, as well as candidate and new teacher support. When we link these inferences with data about pupil learning, we should have an inventory of effective clinical practice

Just one year into induction, that program provides the chance to respond, through professional development, to gaps in both candidate learning and program characteristics.