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Engaging the Arts and Sciences with Education:

We have placed CSUN faculty at the clinical sites. We have concentrated on finding out whether a candidate's awareness of how to teach a subject improves his/her grasp of subject. And we want to find out whether the candidate's enhanced skills and knowledge improve pupil learning.

deborah ballUsing Deborah Ball's MKT methods (math content knowledge), some math faculty have discoveHillary Hertzogred measurable gains in candidates' learning in crucial courses. Preliminary observations of candidates in the field indicate that MKT, as predicted, enhances pupil learning. Professor Hillary Hertzog has teamed with Professor Joel Zeitlin on the project. A second round confirmed this view.

A similar study is under way in teaching writing. A team is assessing the degree to which self-reflectiveness about writing strategy enhances the writing ablities of candidates. We also are examining whether English and Education/K-12 faculty agree on the characteristic evidence of such abilities. Evidence indicates a wide gap between English and Education faculty in the interpretating "effective writing." These are first steps before we advance to the effects on pupil learning.

peer magazine hot linkWe also have administered the CLA to establish a base line for how well some of our candidates progress in writing proficiency, when we compare them with campus and national controls. A study of General Education in Year 1 detailed the relative writing intensiveness of pathways through the undergraduate and teacher preparation programs. This study adds other variables for analysis. The test, adopted by the CSU, is explained well in Peer Review.

This work contributed to the development of a literacy option in Liberal Studies. Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman Underlying this has been the appointment of TNE faculty like Elizabeth Nagy-Shadman and Steve Graves in Arts and Sciences; they must commit to K-12 projects. Complementing them have been K-12 teachers-in-residence in Arts and Sciences, several funded by Keck. These groups have been essential to the creation of a new social sciences credential and the mapping of where candidates run into roadblocks in the sciences.