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Technically, the TNE grant ends in summer/fall, '07.

But reserves carry us through '08-09. Even then, the project will not end. Why?

As Lee Shulman said in Change, accountabilty--evidence-- makes for good practice and politics. And as Rising Above the Gathering Storm suggests, our future depends on the successful symbiosis of teacher preparation and P-12. The Critical Pathway study in California echoes this.

Guided by Professors Spagna and Cabello, We understand that we need a consensual way to process evidence so that we decisions emerge from inferences, which are made on the basis of data mediated by mathematical modelsbase decisions on preponderant inference; we need a structured way to infer whether one CSUN pathways outperforms others and whether we are as effective as non-CSUN pathways. Such decisions require a theory of change. We turned theory into practice by constructing a process in which an evidence committee, guided by outside consultants such as CRESST and SRI, advises project teams. They feed results--inferences--to the steering and executive committees

Distilling this information, the steering committee has routed change through CSUN governance. Much has depended on the fact that committees inside TNE overlap with committees outside of it.

 For '07 and beyond, our steering committee wll consist of evidence leaders, several deans and the provost, faculty in charge of preparation program and induction, and several TNE appointed faculty. We have committed to