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Food Garden and Composting Managing

Welcome to the homepage of the CSUN Food Garden and Compost Site!

About the Garden

The CSUN food garden was established to educate students about sustainable food gardening techniques and healthy food choices, to promote direct community involvement, and provide service-learning opportunities. A food garden working group, chaired by Dr. Erica Wohldmann and Jean Porter, was started in July 2009. The group met with campus leaders and students to develop the CSUN food garden. The garden is currently managed by Dr. Mario Giraldo and the food garden working group.  A student assistant helps to maintain the garden together with dedicated volunteer students. With over 400 square feet of raised beds, more than a dozen fruit trees, and low-water irrigation, all built and planted by dedicated student, faculty, and staff volunteers, the garden has grown tremendously and continues to thrive.

Location: The garden is located on the North East side of the California State University, Northridge campus between the baseball and softball fields and directly behind Northridge Academy High School. (click on the link to view a map of the campus)

Visit the Resources page for information on organic food production and gardening.


About the Compost Site

Compost is the process of organic waste collecting in a pile and being managed to decompose efficiently and properly into healthy soil amendments. The idea for collecting food waste from CSUN’s dining options on campus was born in 2012. It began with the effort to build a rotating compost bin, by engineering students and professors. Soon after, official “beds” were built to house many weeks of food waste collections, which come from Geronimo’s, Juice it Up, and certain Freudian Sips on campus. The overall objective of this project is to educate students and the campus community about food waste while also reducing the actual quantity of food waste on campus. In the year 2013-2014, an estimated 43,000 lbs. of food waste was collected and processed into compost, and used in the organic food garden!


Get Involved!

Join the Garden Working Group. For more information, visit the Working Groups page.

 If you teach a course related to sustainability or want to bring your class outdoors to learn more about organic food production or waste diversion, please contact to find out how to bring your class to the garden!

Students can do their service learning hours with the Institute for Sustainability. Working in the garden or helping at the compost site are the activities students will be engaged in. Find out more on our Service Learning page.

View the Institute for Sustainability Moodle Page for:

  • Hours when we maintain the garden.
  • Hours when food waste is collected and managed.
  • Garden workshops where UC Cooperative Master Gardeners Randy Thompson and Pam Aitchison teach us sustainable food gardening techniques
  • Garden workdays when we work on implementing projects in the food garden.


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CSUN Food Coalition

The CFC is a student led interdisciplinary approach to creating change within the food system. Our goals include educating the CSUN community on food related issues and engaging students in their communities by providing community service opportunities. The collective was created by students to serve as an outlet for implementing sustainable practices on the Cal State University Northridge campus and in our local communities, with an emphasis on sustainable food systems.


Facebook: CSUN Food Coalition

Twitter: @food_coalition


Faculty Involvement

If you teach a course related to the food garden or just want to teach class outdoors once in a while, please contact to learn more about bringing your class to the garden!

Service Learning Opportunities

Follow the link for more information!



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