Faculty Incentive Program for Sustainability Education

An important goal of CSUN’s Campus Sustainability Plan is to implement university-wide sustainability education for all students. The university currently offers a number of formal curriculum programs in sustainability including a sustainability minor, a track in sustainability through the Liberal Studies Interdisciplinary Studies degree option, a GE Path in the Principles of Sustainability, and a climate science program.  We are currently developing a graduate degree in Sustainability Practices.

Plans are to expand our course offerings within these programs and to incorporate sustainability content into existing courses within all disciplines across the university.  We are particularly interested in incorporating content into GE courses.

In support of this objective, the Institute for Sustainability is launching a faculty incentive program to expand student learning in sustainability through the development of course materials and curriculum.  All full-time and part-time tenured and tenure-track faculty and lecturers are eligible to apply. Those receiving Sustainability Education grants will:

  • develop sustainability-related course content appropriate for 2.5 hours (1 week’s worth) of instruction
  • identify at least one course where content will be incorporated
  • provide an outline of the course content developed that can be posted on the Institute’s website
  • present content in person or online to an appropriate student audience as scheduled by mutual agreement with the Institute for Sustainability
  • submit materials by an agreed-upon deadline
  • receive a stipend through special pay as described below

Materials can be developed for either online or in-person format and must comprise content appropriate for 2.5 hours of class. Individual sub-modules can be shorter and combined. Materials can be developed and submitted in a variety of formats:

  1. powerpoint or other presentation format
  2. audio/video recording
  3. activity with teacher and student instructions (and references/links where applicable)
  4. web-based instruction
  5. technology-based instructional materials

or a combination of the above.

A limited number of stipends are available. Faculty may apply for up to four 2.5-hour modules per semester through our Faculty Incentive program application, and may apply for the same course in multiple semesters.  Stipends of $500 are available per 2.5-hour content for first-time course content, and $250 for subsequent content applied to the same course.