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Faculty Associates


Faculty play an important role in the Institute for Sustainability. They serve on the campus Core Green Team, a cross-divisional group of faculty, administrators and students which meets monthly to discuss and participate in campus sustainability initiatives.  Faculty also serve on Working Groups (WG) which focuses on specific areas of our sustainability efforts.  The Institute currently heads the following Working Groups:

Climate Action Planning Group

Food Garden Working Group

Sustainable Living Working Group

Sustainability Curriculum Committee

Transport Working Group

Faculty are invited to join any of these working groups in which they have an interest.  Please send an email to stating which working group you would like to join. We will contact you with further information.

Faculty who wish to take a more active role may lead a Working Group, help to seek funding for sustainability-related activities, participate in related research and activities in collaboration with the Institute and its partners, and lead projects to assess and improve sustainability.  Interested faculty may apply for a position as a Faculty Associate with the Institute.  Some funding is available annually to support Faculty Associates in these efforts.


The following Faculty Associate positions are available for 2014-15:

Chair, Food Garden Working Group

Chair, Sustainable Living Working Group

Chair, Sustainability Curriculum Committee

Researcher, Climate Action Planning Group

Researcher, Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Researcher, Sustainability Literacy Assessment

Researcher, Transport Working Group

For more details on these positions please contact Helen Cox, Director, Institute for Sustainability: Application forms are available here: Application