Campus Sustainability Day


The Institute for Sustainability is hosting┬áCampus Sustainability Day on Tuesday, October 22 11am – 3:15pm in the USU Northridge Center.

11:00am-12:15pm: “Bag It” A film about our dirty love affair with trash followed by Q&A with a panel of experts

12:30-1:45pm: “Building a Triple Bottom Line Company: Why, how to succeed, and challenges to expect” -Megan Havrda, EcoAdvisory Board Chairwoman, BeGreen Packaging

“Simplicity: A shovel, a wheelbarrow and a bag of seeds” -Kreigh Hampel, Recycling Coordinator, City of Burbank

2:00-3:15pm: “Capitalism Must Die! Our Planet is not Expendable” -Stephanie McMillan, award-winning political cartoonist

11:00am-3:00pm: Bring your old ink-jet cartridges and cell phones for recycling! Sponsored by AS Campus Recycling Services

Get involved with the Thirst Project! Visit their table to find out more.