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Graduate Program

During 2010-12, the sustainability curriculum committee developed a graduate certificate in Sustainability Practices which will also form the core of a Master’s degree. The courses and certificate program will be housed in Liberal Studies.

A set of 4 new graduate courses in Sustainability Practices has been developed together with a 15-unit graduate certificate, which will include one existing business course. These courses will be offered as electives in the MBA program and in other M.A. programs across campus.  Plans are for the core courses to be paired with a discipline-specific track to comprise a Master’s Degree program.


SUST 500              Foundations of Sustainable Systems (3)

SUST 510              Resource Use and Management (3)

GBUS 502            Seminar in Managerial Finance/Accounting (3)

SUST 520              Regulatory Framework for Sustainability (3)

SUST 540              Sustainable Business Practices (3)