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Working Groups

Green Core Team

The Green Core team was formed in 2008 at the inception of the Institute for Sustainability. It is comprised of faculty, administrators, staff and students to form a cross-divisional working group, which meets monthly and participates in the operations of the Institute.

Chair: Dr. Helen Cox,

Green Core Team meetings are held once a month on Mondays from 2:00-3:30pm.

September 16, 2013 in UN 211
October 21, 2013 in UN 211
November 18, 2013 in UN 277
December 16, 2013 in UN 277
January 13, 2014 in UN 211
February 17, 2014 in UN 277
March 17, 2014 in UN 277
April 21, 2014 in UN 277
May 19, 2014 in UN 277
June 16, 2014 in UN 277
July 21, 2014 in UN 277


Climate Action Planning Group

A new group is being established by the Institute in Fall 2013 to assess alternatives for reducing our carbon footprint and to develop a climate action plan for the campus.  In Spring 2013, President Harrison signed the ACUPCC (American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment) which commits the university to the development of a comprehensive plan to achieve climate neutrality as soon as possible.  This group will be responsible for the development of that plan.Anyone interested in participating in this group should contact Dr. Helen Cox,, (818) 677-7710

Food Garden Working Group

The Food Garden WG has directed the development and activities of the campus food garden, whose function is to educate students about sustainable food gardening techniques and healthy food choices. The Food Garden group also leads campus composting efforts in an initiative to compost kitchen and green waste on site. The garden is located in the northeast part of campus near the Northridge Academy High School, between the softball and baseball fields.

Food Garden WG meetings are held once a month on Thurdays from 11am-noon.

September 12, 2013  in SN 108

October 10, 2013 in UN 277
November 7, 2013 in UN 277
December 12, 2013 in UN 277
2013-14 Chair: Dr. Mario Giraldo, Geography,


Resource Use and Management Working Group

The Resource Use and Management WG efforts include the compilation and analysis of historical campus energy data; the computation of the campus’s carbon footprint; the development of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to enable Facilities personnel to manage infrastructure more efficiently.  Future efforts include research and assessment of energy saving and energy generating alternatives for the campus; and assessment and strategies for reducing paper and other resources consumption.2013-14 Chair: Dr. Helen Cox,


Sustainable Living Working Group

The Sustainable Living WG works to improve sustainability in campus offices and housing through programs of education, training, and student-conducted assessments.  A Sustainable Office Program was created and piloted in 2012 to educate employees about best practices in sustainability in the workplace; ongoing research includes strategies to improve sustainability practices in student housing.

2013-14 Chair: Dr. Mechelle Best, Recreation and Tourism Management,

Transportation Working Group

The Transportation WG leads the way in efforts to reduce the carbon footprint associated with commuting to campus and with the use of vehicles on campus.  These efforts include a commuting survey, assessment and report; an analysis of bicycling and associated infrastructure at CSUN; work with local agencies to improve public transit to and around the campus; conceptual plans for improving bicycle and pedestrian circulation on campus; congestion reduction initiatives; and other efforts in partnership with CSUN Facilities Management personnel, Parking Services and Associated Students.

TWG meetings are held once a month on Thursdays from 2-3pm.

August 29, 2013 in UN 211

September 19, 2013 in UN 277
October 24, 2013 in UN 277
December 19, 2013 in UN 277
January 23, 2104 in UN 277
February 20, 2014 in UN 277
March 20, 2014 in UN 277
April 24, 2014 in UN 277
May 22, 2014 in UN 277

2013-14 Chair: Dr. Zeynep Toker, Urban Studies and Planning,


Waste and Materials Management Working Group

This new group will bring together waste, materials and recycling managers from all campus units (PPM, TUC, USU, Housing, AS) to work together on ways to coordinate materials disposal and recycling efforts and reduce the cost and volume of waste disposal.  A component of this work will include the collection, analysis and reporting of annual waste and recycling data.