Unified We Serve -  The Volunteer Program at CSUN Presents - Survive the Night

Unified We Serve (the Volunteer Program at CSUN) is challenging YOU:
Are YOU strong enough to spend the night homeless?

Picture this...In the middle of the Sierra Quad Lawn a homeless village is created. If all you had for shelter was a cardboard box and newspapers to sleep in, had to dig in the trash for bottles and cans to recycle for money, and had no place to call home...Could YOU Survive?

Unified We Serve (the Volunteer Program at CSUN) is challenging every student to see if they could live a day in the life of someone homeless. Rather than explain why we need to help the homeless population, we want you to experience what it is like to be homeless. Here’s how:

  • We will then come back to the CSUN campus where students will be challenged to "spend the night homeless." These students will sleep over on the campus, which will be set-up to look like a homeless village and you will have cardboard boxes and newspapers for shelter to sleep in.
  • Activities throughout the night will include: a soup kitchen, guest speakers, movies, interactive activities.
  • The students will wake up the next morning for a debriefing session to discuss what the experience was like and what actions we can take and then go home by 8am. This will be an experience of a lifetime!

Do YOU Think You Can Make It Through The Night? Prove It...

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For more info contact Justin Weiss, Coordinator, Unified We Serve
Phone: (818) 677-5111
E-mail: justin.weiss@csun.edu

We are committed to transitioning the homeless experience into action, therefore Unified We Serve is hosting additional events to help reduce poverty.

Unified We Serve is the Volunteer Program at CSUN,
located in the Matador Involvement Center in the University Student Union

California State University, Northridge