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Welcome to Intramural Sports at California State University, Northridge!

All CSUN students, staff and faculty may participate in the intramural sports program.

Intramural passes may be purchased from the SRC Pro Shop. The cost to play intramurals is $5 per semester for students, and $10 per semester for faculty and staff members. If an eligible participant is not a member of the Student Recreation Center (SRC), they will need to either purchase a membership or purchase a day pass for $10 to be able to participate in intramural sports taking place at the SRC.

For more information call the intramural office at (818) 677-5865 or e-mail at

Contact Information

Intramural Office
(818) 677-5865

Kristofer Newsome, Intramural coordinator
(818) 677-5305

Fall 2014 Intramural Calendar

Indoor Sports

Registration period: Aug. 25 – Sept. 9
Play begins: Sept. 28
Playoffs: Nov. 3 – 21

5v5 Basketball
Location: Red Ring Courts
Game days: Monday – Thursday, 6 – 10 p.m.

Indoor Soccer
Location: MatArena
Game days: Monday – Thursday, 6 – 10 p.m.; Friday, 6 – 8 p.m.

Outdoor Sports

Registration period: Aug. 25 – Sept. 9

Flag Football
Location: SRC Turf Field
Play begins: Sept. 15
Game days: Tuesday and Thursday, 5 – 10 p.m.; Friday, 1 – 8 p.m.
Playoffs: Nov. 3 – 21

Ultimate Frisbee
Location: SRC Turf Field
Play begins: Sept. 15
Game days: Monday & Wednesday, 5 – 8 p.m.
Playoffs: Oct. 20 – 31

Sand Volleyball
Location: KINS Sand Volleyball Courts 1 and 2
Play begins: TBD
Game days: Tuesday and Thursday, time TBD
Playoffs: TBD

One-Day Tournaments

Registration: Aug. 25 – Sept. 9
Location: SRC Pool
Game days: Tuesdays
Play begins: Sept. 11

Table Tennis
Registration: Aug. 25 – Oct. 6
Location: MatArena
Game days: Wednesdays
Play begins: Oct. 8

Capture the Flag
Registration: Aug. 25 – Oct. 15
Location: SRC Turf Field
Game days: Fridays
Play begins: Oct. 17

Registration: Aug. 25 – Oct. 28
Location: SRC Turf Field
Game days: Thursdays
Play days: Oct. 30

Intramural League Structure

  • Intramural leagues consist of at least a three-game regular season, followed by a single elimination tournament.
  • Teams sign up on the day and time that they wish to play for the regular season. They will play on that day and time for the first three weeks against different teams in their division. The intramural program will do it's best to fulfill the requested day and time.
  • Each sport is broken up in to different leagues. Teams may sign up in the men’s, women’s, coed, fraternity or sorority divisions in each sport.
  • One-day tournaments, such as badminton or table tennis, are single-elimination tournaments that take place during the course of one day. Participants may play several matches consecutively until a tournament winner is determined.
  • Not all teams will make the playoffs for each sport.