TUC Sponsored Programs

New & Active Projects

New projects are organized by the last four digits of the Project ID

Project ID Principal Investigator(s)Sponsoring AgencyProject TitleAward
40034596Sloane Burke & Sylvia AlvaU.S. Department of EducationCharting Access for Hispanics Majoring in Needed Careers and Occupations in Healthcare (CAMINO)$461,78610/01/1409/30/15
41014590Shawna DarkCSU, ChicoCalifornia Braodband Field Testing #6$45,00009/15/1410/30/14
43014584Claudia Fajardo-Lira & Annette BesnilianNortheast Valley Health CorporationChoose Health LA$50,00007/01/1406/30/16
40024581Jill RazaniNational Institutes of HealthPredictors of Functional Ability in MCI$108,75009/01/1407/31/15
44014578Alexander AlekseenkoHigh Performance Technologies IncDevelopment of Fast Deterministic Physically Accurate Solvers for Kinetic Collision Integral for Applications of Near Space Flight and Control Devices$120,00009/01/1408/31/15
40014572Abhijit MukherjeeNational Science FoundationCalifornia Renewable Energy and Storage Technology Conference 2014$9,64409/01/1402/28/15
41024571Dena HermanUCLAIs MyPlate.gov Approach to Helping Overweight Patients Lose Weight More Patient-Centered?$19,41104/01/1403/31/15
40014569Mark Steel & Maria AdreaniNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: RUI: Impacts of Size-Selective Mortality on Sex-Xhanging Fishes $103,35903/01/1502/28/18
40014568Donna ShengNational Science FoundationRUI: Theoretical (Numerical) Investigations of Novel Quantum Phases and Transitions in Strongly Interacting Systems$240,00009/01/1408/31/17
40014567Gary Chapman & Debi ChoudharyNational Science FoundationMRI: Development of a Solar Photometric Instrument: Cartesian Full Disk Telescope - 3$493,8520/01/1408/31/17
40014566Csaba TothNational Science FoundationAF: Small: Collaborative Research: Reconfiguration Algorithms$180,70909/01/1408/31/17
40014563Virginia Vandergon, Kellie Evans, Norman Herr, Brian FoleyNational Science FoundationThe California State University, Northridge Noyce Scholarship Phase II Program$159,47101/01/1512/31/19
40994562Anthony CantrellNational Endowments for the ArtsMummenschanz Engagement Project$10,00007/01/1412/31/14
42014560Michael SpagnaLASUDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools$7,17905/27/1408/19/14
42014559Taeyou JungCity of Los AngelesProposition K Maintenance Funds for Brown Center$11,41807/01/1306/30/14
40054558Maria D'OrsognaArmy Research OfficeWarfighter Neuroendocrinology: Modeling Stress Responses, PTSD, and TBI$54,47709/01/1412/31/14
42014556Ivor WeinerNorth Los Angeles County Regional CenterPrevention Resource and Referral Services$87,09207/01/1406/30/15
41024554Amy LevinUCLAUniversity Consortium for Children and Families (UCCF)$255,75007/01/1403/31/15
40014550Silvia FernandezNational Science FoundationRUI: Crossing Numbers for Topological Drawings of the Complete Graph, Rotation Schemes, and Interior Triple Systems$130,00007/15/1406/30/17
40054549Sembiam RengarajanUS NavyExtrapolation of Antenna Far-Fields from Measurements in Truncated Angular Regions$24,00006/27/1406/26/14
40034548S.K. Ramesh, Ali Amini, Robert Ryan, Behzad Bavarian, Hamid Johari, Gloria Melara, & Nazaret DermendjianU.S. Department of EducationCSU, Northridge Engineering and Computer Science HSI-STEM Initiative$1,075,16910/01/1409/30/15
41024547Dwayne CantrellOffice of Statewide Health Planning & DevelopmentPromoting Early Awareness of Careers in Health $12,00006/27/1406/26/15
40014546Michael SummersNational Science FoundationRUI: Determination and Functional Analysis of the Cynobacterial Lipid Droplet Proteome$207,61207/01/1406/30/17
40094545Shawna DarkU.S. Geological SurveyUSGS-NHD Topography Update Pilot Project$50,00006/01/1403/31/15
41024544Kathleen RowlandsNational Writing Project2014-2016 SEED Teacher Leadership Development Grant $10,00005/01/1408/31/15
43014542Ellen Jarosz and Marianne AfifiUSCLA as Subject Residency Program$104,32004/04/1403/31/17
43014541Susan Belgrad & Norman HerrJet Propulsion LaboratoryNASA/JPL Pre-Service Teacher Institute (PSTI) Workshop$67,50806/19/1409/30/14
40034540Rafi EfratUS Department of EducationImproving Support and Academic Success for Latino and Low-Income Students$650,00010/01/1409/30/15
43014539Ani NahapetianAssociation of American Colleges and UniversitiesLearning to Code by Making Music$124,23106/01/1409/30/16
42014538Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesAdoption Promotion and Support Services Program - SPA2$104,73707/01/1412/3114
42014537Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Preservation Program - Santa Clarita$235,88107/01/1412/31/14
42014536Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Preservation Services for North Hollywood$269,13607/01/1412/31/14
42014535Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Support Services - SPA 2$63,94507/01/1412/31/14
42014534Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Program Services (CAPIT)$48,68207/01/1412/31/14
40014533Peter EdmundsNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs: Scale Dependence and Adaptive Capacity$915,28301/01/1512/31/14
40014532Robert CarpenterNational Science FoundationCollaboration Research: Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs: Scale Dependence and Adaptive Capacity$977,62701/01/1512/31/18
40024531Maria Elena ZavalaNational Institutes of HealthMARC U-STAR at California State University, Northridge$545,69706/01/1405/31/15
49014529Mechelle Best & Joong-Won LeeLily Academy of JapanRecreation Institute for the Lily Academy$61,37306/08/1406/08/15
40994528Ah-Jeong Kim, David Boyns & Doug KabackNational Endowments for the ArtsJoining the Spectrum: An Interdisciplinary Research Inquiry into Theater as an Inventory for Youth on the Autism Spectrum$25,00005/01/1404/30/15
43014526Kathleen MarsagliaConsortium for Ocean LeadershipParticipation on IODP Expedition 351$38,48902/01/1402/28/15
44014525Kimberly KirnerM.H.M & AssociatesProgram & Evaluation Design for Southern California Organizations$7,17504/01/1410/01/14
40014523Richard HeermanceNational Science FoundationRUI/Collaboration: Plio-Quaternary History of Basin Evolution, Climate Change, and Fold Growth in the Qaidam Basin- Investigating Wind-Enhanced Climate-Tectonic Feedback Relationships$76,08904/01/1403/31/17
41024521Nathan MartinCalifornia Division of Boating and WaterwaysAquatic Center Grant Program$42,00002/07/1407/31/16
43014520Sharlene Katz & James FlynnJPLCSUN/JPL Partnership for CubeSat Development and Launch: Phase 2$20,00003/18/1409/28/14
40064519Elizabeth SayNational Security AgencySTARTALK CSUN Russian Language and Culture Immersion Program$89,96804/04/1402/28/15
40014518Peter EdmundsNational Science FoundationRUI-TREB Renewal: Three Decades of Coral Reef Community Dynamics in St. John, USVI: 2014-2019$96,88805/01/1404/30/19
40014517Robinson CecilNational Science FoundationRUI: Collaborative: Evaluating the Influence of Crustal Deformation on Episodic Magmatism: Southern Coat Mountains of Batholith$20,54304/01/1403/31/17
41014516Shawna DarkCSU, ChicoCalifornia Broad Band Field Testing #5$40,00004/01/1405/30/14
44014515Ani NahapetianIntel CorporationProcessor 'Health' Predication Using Gate-Level Characterization$50,36001/15/1401/14/15
40014514Joshua SchwartzNational Science FoundationCAREER: Investigating Controls on Arc Flare-ups and the Growth of Lower Continental Crust$213,80703/15/1402/28/19
44014513Abhijit MukherjeeParamount PicturesAnalysis of Natural Gas Turbine Cogeneration System$4,00003/14/1406/30/14
41024512Csaba TothUCLAFellowship at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM)$15,00003/10/1406/13/14
43014511Jessica VeyResearch Corporation for Science AdvancementEnabling Rational Designing of Biodefurization: Biochemical and Structural Characterization of Dibenzothiophene Monooxygenase $35,00007/01/1406/30/16
43014510Ivor Weiner
Children's Institute, Inc. (CII)
Peer Support Group for Parents$43,68810/01/1306/30/14
40054509Gang Lu & Nicholas KioussisU.S. ArmyAcquisition of a High Performance Computer Cluster of Materials Research and Education$269,95802/01/1401/31/15
40104508Rafi EfratDepartment of TreasuryBookstein Tax Clinic (ESL)$23,00001/01/1412/31/14
40104507Rafi EfratDepartment of TreasuryBookstein Tax Clinic (Controversy)$47,00001/01/1412/31/14
44014506Abhijit MukherjeeMedtronic MiniMedModeling of Flow of Insulin From a Catheter into Sub-Cutaneous Tissue of Human Body$15,00012/01/1304/30/15
40054505George YoussefUS ArmyCharacterization of Polymers and Polymer-Based Composites$161,92602/01/1401/31/15
43014504Jeanne RobertsonSanta Monica Mountains FundLandscape Genetics of the Island Fence Lizard (Sceloporus Occientalis Becki) on Santa Cruz Island; The Role of Habitat Complexity and Climate on Genetic Connectivity of Populations Across the Island$6,00009/01/1308/31/14
43014503Jose Luis Vargas and Jina GonzalezPritzker Family Foundation College Pathways San Fernando Valley Network$40,00012/18/1312/17/14
42014502Mark SteeleUC Santa BarbaraReproductive Output, Growth, and Food-Chain Support of Fishes on the Wheeler J. North Artificial Reef, 2014-2015 (SONGS Mitigation Monitoring Program)$238,38001/01/1412/31/14
42014501Michael SpagnaLAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools$27,60208/26/1305/17/14
42014500Richard MooreCity of Los Angeles, Community Development DepartmentLA City EWDD 2013-14 Evaluation Project$132,95407/01/1306/30/14
43014499Martha Highfield Dignity Health dba Northridge Hospital Medical CenterWork with Northridge Hospital Medical Center as Nursing Research Facilitator $22,46008/21/1306/1/14
41024498Virginia Vandergon, Matthew D'Alessio, & Norman HerrRegents of the University of CaliforniaSan Fernando Valley Science Project - NCLB 10


41014497Karla Pelletier University Enterprises, Inc. (CSUS)CSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation Phase V$30,00009/15/1308/31/14
43014496Scott KleinmanVassar CollegeScholarly Editions & Translations: An Archive of Early Middle English $44,65510/01/1309/30/15
43014495Thomas MinehanAmerican Chemical SocietyIntramolecular Cycloaddition Reactions of Electron-Rich Alkalynes: New Methods for the Synthesis of Optically Active Building Blocks for Organic Synthesis$65,00009/01/1408/31/17
43014494Chhandak BasuFort Valley State University Developing a Sustainable Bioenergy System: Paulownia  Production for Fuel, Chemicals, and Materials$70,01309/01/1308/31/16
41024492Kathleen RowlandsNational Writing Project2013-2014 SEED Professional Development in a High-Need School Grant$20,00010/01/1309/30/14
41024491Doug YuleUniversity of Southern CaliforniaPaleoseismology and Slip Rate of the Garnet Hill Fault at Whitewater Hill$20,00010/17/1301/31/15
41024490Kathleen RowlandsThe Regents of the University of California

Cal State Northridge Writing Project - NCLB Funding (No Child Left Behind)

41024489Karla PelletierUC RegentsMESA/NSF S-STEM Scholarship - CSUN$2,50008/01/1309/30/13
42014488Richard MooreCity of Los Angeles HCIDFamilySource Evaluation$125,00007/01/1306/30/14
49014486Kathleen MarsagliaGNS ScienceSupport for MSc Student Project 2013-2014: Classic Provenance Fingerprint in Taranaki Basin, NZ$2,00009/01/1309/01/14
40044485Sharlene Katz and James FlynnNASASmallsat Low Mass, Extreme Low Temperature Energy Storage$198,45711/01/1310/31/15
40024484Holli TonyanAdministration for Children and FamiliesAre you In? A Systems-Level Mixed-Method Analysis of the Effects of Quality Improvement Initiatives on Participating and Non-Participation Providers$249,10709/30/1309/29/17
44014483Richard HeermanceCotton, Shires, and Associates10be Exposure Dating of Moraines Near Waterhouse Park, Sierra Nevada$21,35409/01/1312/31/14
41024482Charles HansonCalifornia Department of Public HealthCalifornia Rape Crisis Centers Rape Prevention and Education (RPE) Program Grantees$98,65111/01/1310/31/14
43014480Terry Sweeting and Michelles Barrack-GardnerDignity Health (Northridge Hospital)Canoga Park Health Improvement Zone$60,00006/01/1305/31/14
40024479Bethany RainischSAMHSACSUN/TTC START: Services for Telehealth and Rapid Testing$286,70209/30/1309/29/14
43014477Emily ThomJumpstartJumpstart Program$71,16009/01/1308/31/14
41014476Karla PelletierUniversity Enterprises, Inc. (CSUS)CSU Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation, Phase V$35,00009/01/1308/31/14
42014475Charles HansonCity of Los AngelesThe L.A. Domestic Abuse Response Team Expansion and Enhancement Project (DARTEE)$61,78510/01/1309/30/14
41024474George YoussefUCLAVeterans Research Supplement: NSF Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$20,00009/01/1308/31/14
40014473Casey terHorstNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Trait evolution and the stability of ecological communities$127,51310/01/1309/30/14
41024472Rachel Friedman-NarrCalifornia Department of EducationParent Links$65,00009/01/1308/31/14
41024471Richard MooreLegislative Counsel BureauLegislative Counsel Management Training$97,20006/01/1312/31/14
41024470Kathleen RowlandsThe Regents of the University of California, Office of the PresidentCal State Northridge Writing Project$24,00007/01/1312/31/14
41024469Maria-Rita D'OrsognaUCLAMaterials for a Sustainable Energy Future$15,00009/09/1312/13/13
41024467Charles Hanson California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA)Northwestern Los Angeles County Rape Crisis Center $166,75309/1/1308/31/14
41024466Charles HansonCalifornia Governor's Office of Emergency Services (Cal OES)Valley Trauma Center$315,63609/01/1308/31/14
40994465Joyce Gilbert & Merav EfratU.S. Department of AgricultureAdvancing Professional Competencies of Graduate Nutrition Students in the Area of Lactation Education$245,00009/01/1308/31/16
40054464Ronald Pogorzelski & Sembiam RengarajanU.S. Army Research OfficeU.S. Army Research Office$50,00009/01/1305/31/14
40034463Dwayne CantrellUs Department of EducationUpward Bound San Fernando Valley- North Central$248,77109/01/1308/31/14
40034462Dwayne CantrellUS Deparment of EducationTalent Search San Fernando Valley North Central$217,97109/01/1308/31/14
40034461Dwayne CantrellUS Department of EducationTalent Serach San Fernando Valley Northeast$217,97109/01/1308/31/14
40034460Jose Luis VargasUS Department of EducationStudent Support Services$202,03109/01/1308/31/14
40014459B.A. SethuramanNational Science FoundationCIF: Small: RUI: Mathematical Problems in Space-Time Block Codes for MIMO Systems$249,97509/01/1308/31/16
40034458Roslyn RosenUS Department of EducationCenter for Results in Education and Employment for Deaf Students: Research & Collaboration for System Change$4,000,00010/01/1309/30/14
42014457Janice WoosleyNorth Los Angeles County Regional CenterNLAACRC-Consumer Specific Payment Agreement$60004/01/13open
42014456Shawna DarkSouthern California Coastal Water Research ProjectPredicting Stream Periodicity in Southern California$50,00004/15/1304/31/15
40014455Konstantinos Vrongistinos & Witaya MathiyakomNational Science FoundationAcquisition of Real Time Motion Analysis System$300,07008/15/1307/31/15
40024454Judith DeBonis& Rebekah ChildSusbtance Abuse and Mental Health Services AdministrationCSUN Suicide Prevention and Awareness Program$154,28908/01/1307/31/14
40014453Kimberly Kirner & James HayesNational Science FoundationCoping with Change: Water Availibility and Arid Land Management $249,93408/01/1307/31/15
40014451Jussi ElorantaNational Science FoundationRUI: Spectroscopy in Bulk Superfluid 4He$172,53709/01/1308/31/15
40014450Robinson Cecil & Kathleen MarsagliaNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Elluciding the Geologic Record of Late Palezoic Subduction Initiation Along the Southwestern Margin of Laurentia, Southern California, and Sonora, Mexico $185,00008/01/1307/31/16
43014449Sharlene Katz & James FlynnJet Propulsion LaboratorySupport for Communication Systems Program Improvement at California State University, Northridge$23,00007/15/1309/30/14
41024448Matthew d'Alessio, Norman Herr, Virginia VendergonUC RegentsSan Fernando Valley Science Project- CSMP$25,13007/01/1306/30/14
40054447Hamid JohariOffice of Naval ResearchControl of Supercavitating Vehicles Using Transverse Jets $100,00006/15/1306/15/15
41024445Ivor WeinerCalifornia Department of EducationFamily Focus Empowerment Center$206,00107/01/1309/30/15
42014443Ivor WeinerNorth Los Angeles County Regional CenterFamily Resource Center/Network (FRC/N)$113,19307/01/1306/30/14
41024442Jodi JohnsonDepartment of RhabilitationWorkability IV$217,82207/01/1306/30/14
41024441Shawna DarkCalifornia Department of TransportationDeveloping a Linear Referencing System for Southern California $999,21806/27/1306/26/15
40034440Rafi EfratU.S. Department of EducationImproving Support and Academic Success for Latino and Low-Income Students$650,00010/01/1309/30/14
41024439Dwayne CantrellOffice of Statewide Health Planning & DevelopmentProject PREACH: Promoting Early Awarness of Careers in Health$11,94806/17/1306/20/14
40024438Ray HongNational Institutes of HealthElucidating the Function of the Lipid-Binding Protein OBI-1 in Pristionchus Pacificus Nematode Chemosensation $217,50007/01/1306/30/15
40074437Donna ShengDepartment of EnergyNovel Fractional Quantum Hall & Quantum Spin Hall Effects in Interacting Systems $220,00002/01/1301/31/15
40024436Jessica VeyNational Institutes of HealthEngineering Isobutylamine N-hydroxylase for Applications Biosynthesis $276,05007/01/1306/30/15
42014435Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesAdoption Promotion and Support Services Program- SPA2$209,47407/01/1306/30/14
42014434Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Preservation Program- Santa Clarita$513,11207/01/1306/30/14
42014433Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Preservation Services for North Hollywood$582,89607/01/1306/30/14
42014432Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesFamily Support Services- SPA2$127,89007/01/1306/30/14
42014431Charles HansonLA County Department of Children and Family ServicesChild Abuse and Neglect Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Program Services (CAPIT)$97,36507/01/1306/30/14
42014430Amy LevinLos Angeles County, Dept. of Children & Family ServicesInter-University Consortium (IUC) Training Service Contract $341,00007/01/1306/30/14
41024429Amy LevinRegents of the University of CaliforniaMental Health Stipend Program (California Social Work Education Center/CalSWEC)$68,43807/01/1306/30/14
40014427Peter EdmundsNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: RUI-Ecology and Functional Biology of Octocoral Communitites$450,66309/01/1308/31/16
42014425Shawna DarkSouthern California Coastal Water Research ProjectTechnical Support for Nutrient Numberic Endpoint Development $5,00002/01/1312/31/13
43014424Melissa MontgomeryFar West Athletic Trainers' AssociationThe Influence of Lower Extremity Lean Mass and Strength on Muscle Activation Amplitudes During Landing$3,00005/01/1306/01/15
40084423Kent KirktonNational Endowment for the HumanitiesProposal for Creating a Digital Database of the African American Photography Collection of the Institute for Arts & Media at California State University, Northridge$120,85409/01/1308/31/14
40034422S.K. Ramesh, Ali Amini, Behzad Bavarian, Nagwa Bekir, Nazaret Dermendjian, Hamid Johari, Gloria Melara & Karla PelletierU.S. Department of EducationCSU, Northridge Engineering & Computer Science HSI-STEM Initiative$1,621,42910/01/1309/30/14
40024420Maria Elena ZavalaNational Institutes of HealthMARC U-STAR at California State University, Northridge $541,75706/01/1305/31/14
49014418Mechelle Best and Joong-Won LeeLily Academy of JapanRecreation Institute for the Lily Academy of Japan$35,10006/08/1306/13/13
41024417Shawna DarkCalifornia Department of Fish and GameBusiness Plan for Creation of a Standard Vegetation Layer $75,71704/01/1312/31/14
43014414Meiqin WangAmerican Council of Learned SocietiesFrom Countryside to the City: The Urban Turn of Contemporary Chinese Art$50,40007/01/1306/30/14
40014413Janet Kubler and Steve DudgeonNational Science FoundationRUI: Ocean Acidification: Scope for Resilience to Ocean Acidification in Macroalgae$482,96606/01/1305/31/15
40024412David BermudesNational Institutes of HealthTumor-Targeting Salmonella Expressing Apoptosis-Inducing Cytotoxic Proteins $217,50005/10/1303/31/15
40024408Carrie SaetermoeNational Institutes of HealthCSUN-SFV Center to Reduce Health Disparities$1,164,62405/17/1304/30/15
43014407Shawna DarkSan Francisco Estuary InstituteHistorical Ecology of the Tijuana Estuary$25,00012/01/1201/31/15
40054406Gang LuDepartment of ArmyToward Compulation Design of the High-Efficiency Photovoltaics from First-Principles$299,02205/01/1304/30/15
40024404Cheryl Van BurskirkNational Institute of HealthAnalysis of EGFR- Dependent Sleep in C. Elegans $290,00004/10/1301/31/15
42014403Shawna DarkSouthern California Coastal Water Research ProjectAssessing Net Wetland Change in California $70,00009/3/1208/31/15
43014402Kathleen MarsagliaConsortium for Ocean LeadershipSmear-Slide Reference Set and Atlas for IODP Shipboard Sedimentologist Phase II: Biogenic and Other Atuhigenic Components$105,72004/20/1301/30/15
42014400Tara FahmieVentura County Office of EducationBehaviorial Clinical Psychology (BCP)- Ventura COunty Office of Education (VCOE) Partnership $10,0003/11/138/31/14
40014399Helena NoronhaNational Science FoundationCSU Alliance for Preparing Undergraduates Through Mentoring Towards PhDs $541,7376/1/135/31/15
40094398John Douglas YuleUS Geological SurveyMega-Trenching to Determine a Lengthy Record of San Gorgonio Pass Fault Zone Ruptures: Possible Super Earthquakes on the Southern San Andreas Fault $83,6254/1/136/30/14
41014397Anne GlavinCSU, TrusteesSystems, Video Assessment, Security $21,52502/27/1307/15/13
41024395Judith DeBonisUniversity of Southern CaliforniaImproving Healthcare Outcomes through Advocacy $95,34310/15/1210/31/14
43014392Elizabeth AdamsNational Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)NCAA Limited-Resource-Institution Grant Program Pilot Matador Achievement Center $900,0001/1/1312/31/15
44014390Ivor WeinerCVS Caremark Charitable Trust/CSUN FoundationCVS Caremark Community Grant $50,00001/01/1312/31/22
43014384Damian ChristianJPL

Performing Thermal Conductivity of Icy Compositions Relevant to Solar System Bodies


43014382Paula SchiffmanSanta Monica Mountains FundA Comparison of Anthropod Assemblages Among Native, Invaded and Restored Coastal Sage Scrub Habitats $2,00003/01/1205/09/14
41024380George YouseffUCLANSP Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$154,75009/01/1208/31/14
41024379Igor BeloborodovUCLANSP Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$132,99909/01/1208/31/14
41024378Nick KioussisUCLANSP Nanosystems Engineering Research Center for Translational Applications of Nanoscale Multiferroic Systems TANMS$284,00009/01/1208/31/14
40014377Peter EdmundsNational Science FoundationRUI: Ocean Acidification-Category 1-The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Organismic Biology and Community Ecology of Corals, Calcified Algae, and Coral Reefs $49, 93109/19/1212/31/14
41014375William WatkinsCSU, Chancellor's OfficeCSU Student Mental Health Initiative $437,43606/01/1206/30/14
43014373Katherine StevensonEDUCAUSEHybrid Courses for Core Math Courses$2,371,02001/01/1312/31/14
40014372Crist KhachikianNational Science FoundationGraduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) $165,00004/15/1303/31/18
44014371Prasanta BarkatakiWellpoint, Inc.Enterprise Computing Technologies $140,24708/01/1212/31/14
40014359Debbie MaNational Science FoundationRUI: The Role of Facial Physiognomy in Stereotypic Trait Inference$186,69509/15/1208/31/15
40054358Hamid JohariU.S. ArmyAlteration of Ram-Air Canopy Aerodynamic Characteristics Using the Flow-Through Concept $140,32308/28/1212/31/14
40014353Igor BeloborodovNational Science FoundationNew Frontier in Material Science: Artificial Nanosolids $243,00009/01/1208/31/15
40024350Rheem MedhNational Institutes of HealthRole of E4BP4 in Glucocorticoid-Evoked Lymphocyte Apoptosis$322,44409/01/1208/31/14
41024347Larry AllenCalifornia Sea Grant ProgramA Fisheries Independent Assessment of Spawning Biomass of Barred Sand Bass (Paralabrax Nebulifer) on the Major Spawning Aggregation Off Southern California $10,00007/01/1206/30/13
42014335Dwayne CantrellLAUSDGEAR UP Southgate College Pertnership $55,00307/02/1206/28/13
41024334Kathleen RowlandsThe Regents of the University of California, Office of the PresidentCal State Northridge Writting Project$22,00007/01/1206/30/14
41024331Ivor WeinerCalifornia Department of EducationFamily Focus Center- Family Empowerment $206,53707/01/1209/30/14
43014327Nicholas KioussisUniversity of Iowa

Identification of Defect Candidates and Their Effects on Carrier Lifetimes and Dark Currents in InAs/InAsSb Strained- Layer Superlattices for Infrared Detectors

41024324Robert CarpenterUC Santa BarbaraLong Term Ecological Research: Coral Reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia $225,7449/1/128/31/14
41024323Peter EdmundsUC Santa BarbaraLong Term Ecological Research: Coral Reefs in Moorea, French Polynesia $221,7759/1/128/31/14
44014319Bruno OsornoAerojet RocketdyneDevelopment of an Internship Honors Co-op Program Between Pratt & Whitney and CECS $414,35206/15/1205/31/14
40024318Lisa BannerNational Institutes of HealthAnalysis of Neuropoietic Cytokines and their Receptors in Diabetic Neuropathy $489,88808/01/1207/31/15
42014317Herman DeBoseLAUSDMOSAIC/Jack London High School $4,00005/01/1206/30/14
41024316Amy LevinRegents of the University of CaliforniaMental Health Stipend Program (California Social Work Education Center/CalSWEC) $68,43807/01/1206/30/13
41024315Amy LevinRegents of the University of CaliforniaTitle IV-E Social Work Training Program (California Social Work Education Center/CalSWEC) $1,237,46307/01/1206/30/13
40094313Shawna DarkU.S. Geological SurveyLocal-Resoluion National Hydrography Dataset Development, San Juan Subbasin, California $12,00007/01/1208/31/14
41014312Karla PelletierUniversity Enterprises, Inc. (CSUS)CSU-LSAMP Student Scholar Program 2012-2013 $4,00006/01/1205/31/12
43014309Nhut HoAERO InstituteInfluence of Cultural, Organizational & Automation Capability on Human Reliance on Automation: A Case Study of Air Force ACAT $219,00005/01/1205/31/14
49014303Kathleen MarsagliaGNS ScienceSupport for MSc Student Project: Classic Provenance Fingerprinting in Taranaki Basin, NZ $2,00007/01/1208/31/12
41024300Rachel Friedman-Narr & Sharon KleinCalifornia Postsecondary Education CommissionEnhacing Quality with Teachers of Students are Deaf/Hard of Hearing $280,60405/22/12


40014299Gang Lu, Nicholas Kioussis & Donna ShengNational Science FoundationPREM- Computational Research and Education for Emergent Materials $1,449,08406/01/1205/31/17
40014284Karin CrowhurstNational Science Foundation

RUI: NMR Investigation of the Role of Protein Dynamics in the Selective Interactions Between RGS and Galpha Signaling Proteins

40014282Dayanthie WeeraratneNational Science FoundationCAREER: Geodynamic Study of Earth's Mantle Asthenosphere & Core Formation $260,50004/15/1203/31/17
40054281Gang LuU.S. ArmyA new Computational Tool for Understanding Light-Matter Interactions $418,72702/16/1202/15/15
41014280Anne GlavinCSU TrusteesHomeland Security Gran Program (HSGP) - Interoperable Communication $24,97203/02/1204/30/12
40054278Somnath ChattopadhyayU.S. Dept. of Army

SiC/GaN Based Optically Triggered MESFET for High Power efficiency and High Radiation resistance Solid State Switch Application for Actuator System

42014271Dwayne CantrellLAUSDProject STEPS $389,03501/09/1206/30/16
42014268Herman DeBoseLAUSDMOSAIC/Jack London High School $4,00010/01/1105/31/12
43014266Susan Love & Theresa KnottRobert Wood Johnson FoundationSocial Network Site Triple P for Reducing Child Maltreatment $1,179,14101/01/1209/30/14
41024264Hamid Johari & Mohab ShalabySan Diego State University Research FoundationEnergy Harvesting from Ocean Currents Using Piezoeletric Elements $49,99912/1/1102/28/13
42014256Shawna DarkSouthern California Coastal Water Research ProjectSouthern California Coastal Wetland Analysis $44,66807/01/1108/31/14
42014255Michael SpagnaProject GRAD Los AngelesProject GRAD Los Angeles $510,00010/01/1109/30/14
41024252Gerry Simila, Virginia Vandergon & Norman HerrRegents of the University of CaliforniaSan Fernando Valley Science Project$25,38207/01/1106/30/12
42014249Dwayne CantrellLAUSDGEAR UP Project STEPS $81,31409/01/1108/31/12
42014248Michael SpagnaLAUSDProfessional Development Services in Support of Private Schools $1,93010/01/1106/30/12
40034243Clara ParkU.S. Department of EducationPreparing Asian ESL and Bilingual Teachers for the 21st Century Classroom$1,200,00009/01/1108/31/14
41024241Maria-Rita D'OrsognaUniversity of Southern CaliforniaScalable, Stochastic and Spatiotemporal Game Theory for Real-World Human Adversarial Behavior$378,83308/15/1112/14/14
43014237Gang LuBrown UniversityStress-Controlled Catalysis via Engineered Nanostructures $599,66708/15/1108/14/14
40034235Sally Spencer & Sue SearsU.S. Department of EducationRestructuring Education Around Clinical Practice in High-Need Schools: Project REACH $900,00001/01/1212/31/14
40034224Euripedes De OliveiraU.S. Department of EducationUrban Planning & Sustainability Project$154,52607/01/1106/30/14
44014223C.T. LinMedtronic MinimedDiscrete Glucose Sensing System - Auto-inserter$65,03009/01/1112/31/14
40014218Gagik MelikyanNational Science FoundationRUI: Novel Radical & Ionic Reactions in Cobalt-Alkyne Series$240,00009/01/1108/31/15
40024216Maria Elena DeBellardNational Institutes of HealthRole of Slit Molecules in Neural Crest Delamination$420,15009/01/1108/31/15
40044215David Klein, Ana Cadavid & Brian FoleyNASAMathematical & Geospatial Pathways to Climate Change Education$369,14408/01/1109/01/14
40044207Gary Chapman & Dora PremingerNASAPhotometric Observations and Analysis in Support of SORCE/TIM and GLORY/TIM$233,84006/20/1106/19/15
42014206Shane FrehlichCity of Los AngelesProposition K Maintenance Funds for Brown Center$10,44107/01/1006/30/11
40024195Ernest KwokNational Institutes of HealthCharacterization of Novel Subcellular Structures in Arabidopsis Thaliana $423,17507/01/1106/30/15
40024188Maria Elena ZavalaNational Institutes of HealthOption II MBRS RISE at CSUN $2,870,08908/01/1106/30/15
40024184Yann SchrodiNational Institutes of HealthNew Olefin Metathesis Catalysts Based on Innocuous & Abundant Metals $431,19407/01/1106/30/15
40024178Joseph HajduNational Institutes of HealthPhospholipid Dynamics & Lypolysis in Membrane Models $431,19406/01/1104/30/15
40024175Thomas MinehanNational Institutes of HealthSynthesis & DNA Binding Affinity Evaluation of Novel Gilvocarcin-C-Glucosides $431,19406/01/1105/31/15
40024174Radha RananganathanNational Institutes of HealthInterface Quality Effects in Phospholipase Membrane Enzymology $431,19406/01/1104/30/15
41024173Shawna DarkState Water Resources Control BoardMapping Surface Waters for California Basin Plans $234,55905/10/1109/30/14

Maria Elena De Bellard

National Institutes of HealthMechanisms of Cytoskeleton Dynamics During Neutral Crest Cell Chemoattraction $422,45606/01/1104/30/15
41024168John Van ArsdaleDepartment of Boating & WaterwaysBoating Safety Grant $47,00002/01/1101/31/12
43014162Damian ChristianSmithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryComet 103P/Hartley 2 During the EPOXI Spacecraft Encounter $10,00010/19/1001/31/12
40014152Yifei SunNational Science FoundationWorkshop on Chinese Ways of Innovation: Strategic Directions of Research on China Innovation $58,18802/01/1106/30/14
40094150Nayereh TohidiNational Endowment for the HumanitiesCreating a New Minor in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies at CSUN $99,96901/01/1112/31/14
40024143Sal Esparza & Merav EfratDepartment of Health & Human Services, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid ServicesTelephone-Based Support & Education to Promote Breastfeeding Rates of Latina Medicaid Recipients$100,00009/30/1009/29/12
40044140Gary ChapmanNASAObservations and Analysis of Solar Total and Spectral Irradiance Variability $153,00010/28/1010/27/14
41024139Kathleen RowlandsRegents of the University of CaliforniaCal State Northridge Writing Project $27,00007/01/1006/30/13
40014137Peter Edmunds

National Science Foundation


RUI: Ocean Acidification - Category 1 - The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Organisimic Biology & Community Ecology of Corals, Calcified Algae & Coral Reefs $905,95601/01/1112/31/14
40014136Robert CarpenterNational Science FoundationRUI: Ocean Acidification - Category 1 - The Effects of Ocean Acidification on the Organisimic Biology & Community Ecology of Corals, Calcified Algae & Coral Reefs $1,111,65301/01/1112/31/14
40104135Rafi EfratInternal Revenue ServiceBookstein Tax Clinic (ESL) $23,00001/01/1112/31/11
40054132Gang LuOffice of Naval ResearchFirst-Principles Based Multiscale Modeling of Structure, Energetics and Mobility of Defects in Metals $433,22110/21/1007/31/14
40034129Kathryn Peckham-HardinU.S. Department of EducationCombined Priority for Personnel Development $1,064,29701/01/1112/31/14
40054115Helen CoxU.S. ArmyClimatic Monitoring Program on San Clemente Island $243,97509/28/1009/30/15
41014107Donald BleichCSU Real Estate & Land Use InstituteReal Estate Program Improvement Grant $2,00007/01/10OPEN
40034106Clara ParkU.S. Department of EducationEducating Hispanic Students for the 21st Century$2,489,47410/01/1009/30/15
40054105Nicholas KioussisDefense Threat Reduction AgencyElectronic Structure of Semiconductor Detector Surfaces & Contact Interfaces: Optimization of Signal-to-Noise Ratio $1,399,99909/27/1001/31/15
40014102Maria D'OrsognaNational Science Foundation

Collaborative Research: Hierarchical Kinetic Models for Chemically & Hydrodynamically Coupled Organisms

43014092Steve DudgeonUniversity of PennsylvaniaLTREB: Experimental Tests of Alternative States on Rocky Intertidal Shores $222,86308/01/10


40034084Nancy Burstein & Sue SearsU.S. Department of EducationA Teaching Residency Program in Special Education: Improving Achievement of Students with Disabilities in High-Need Schools $8,454,54804/05/1004/04/15
40024080Paula FischhaberNational Institutes of HealthRecruitment of Rad 10 in Double-Strand Break Repair $416,05208/01/1008/31/14
41024078Gerry Simila, Steven Oppenheimer, & Virginia VandergonRegents of the University of CaliforniaSan Fernando Science Project$78,00107/01/1006/30/11
40024067Yohannes ShiferawNational Institutes of HealthMulti-Scale Modeling of Calcium Mediated Triggered Activity in the Heart $1,246,64707/01/1006/30/15
40034064Martin PerezU.S. Department of EducationUpward Bound Math & Science $270,22309/01/1008/31/11


Katsu OgawaAmerican Chemical Society, Petroleum Research FundControlling Morphology & Electronic Properties of Two-Dimensional Organometallic Conjugated Polymers via Orthogonal Polymerization Methods $50,00009/01/1008/31/14
40024059Luciana LaganaNational Institutes of HealthTrauma, PTSD Symptomatology & Health Among Multiethnic Older Women $427,97107/01/1006/30/15
40024053Laleh Jill RazaniNational Institutes of HealthDaily Functioning, Cognition, & Caregiver Burden in MCI $427,97107/01/1008/31/14
40024051Karin CrowhurstNational Institutes of HealthInvestigating Protein Dynamics in NT-4/5 & TrkB Receptor Interactions $432,10007/01/1006/30/15
40024048Carrie Saetermoe & Harold HellenbrandNational Institutes of HealthCSUN-SFV Center to Reduce Health Disparities (WOHLDMANN) $234,18606/09/1004/30/12
40024047Carrie Saetermoe & Harold HellenbrandNational Institutes of HealthCSUN-SFV Center to Reduce Health Disparities (OH) $227,51706/09/1004/30/11
40024046Carrie Saetermoe & Harold HellenbrandNational Institutes of HealthCSUN-SFV Center to Reduce Health Disparities (CHAVIRA) $167,80806/09/1004/30/11
40024045Carrie Saetermoe & Harold HellenbrandNational Institutes of HealthCSUN-SFV Center to Reduce Health Disparities (infrastructure) $568,76706/09/1004/30/11
40024041Michael SummersNational Institutes of HealthRegulation of Akinete Differentiation in Nostoc Punctiforme $695,02407/01/1006/30/15
40054029 Hamid JohariU.S. ArmyAerodynamics Charateristics of Cargo Ram-Air Canopies During Maneuvering$79,78805/01/1002/15/12
40014028Vicki Pedone, Cristina Cadavid, & Werner HornNational Science FoundationSTEPS (Students Targeting Engineering & Physical Science) $1,261,70405/01/1004/30/15
41024025Cindy MaloneCalifornia Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)CSUN-UCLA Bridges to Stem Cell Research $2,777,25808/01/1007/31/15
44014014Nagi El NagaOptical Physics Company (OPC)Sub-Aperture Based Conformal Imaging System$225,00012/01/0911/30/14
40024009Ray HongNational Institutes of HealthMolecular Characterization of Insect Pheromone Chemosensory Mutants in Nematodes$409,60002/01/1001/31/14
41023995Kathleen RowlandsRegents of the University of CaliforniaCal State Northridge Writing Project$20,00007/01/09


40013971Donna ShengNational Science FoudnationRUI: Theoretical (Numerical) Investigations of Novel Quantum Phases & Transitions in Strongly Interacting Systems $375,00009/15/0908/31/14
41023968Ivan Cheng & Kellie EvansCalifornia Postsecondary  Education CommissionStudent Improvement Through Teacher Empowerment (SITTE) $222,82709/25/0909/30/10
41023954Richard HeermanceUSC - Southern California Earthquake CenterRe-Calculating Quaternary Uplift & Shortening Rates in the Ventura Basin with New 26A1/10Be Burial Ages from the Ojai Conglomerate$10,00002/01/0901/31/12
41023953Dayanthie WeerarantneUSC - Southern California Earthquake CenterMapping & Assimilating of Off-Shore Geologic & Geophysical Data to Study the Pacific-North American Plate Boundary in Southern California$15,00002/01/0901/31/12

Kellie Evans,

Ivan Cheng,

Julie Gainsberg

National Science FoundationCSUN NSF Teaching Fellowship Program$1,500,00008/01/0907/31/15
40013948Janet OhNational Science FoundationRUI: The Role of Childhood Language Memory in Adult Language Learning: Korean Adoptees Learning Korean as Adults $477,64409/01/0908/31/14
43013911Barry ClevelandUnited States Institute for Theatre TechnologySightlines Digital Archive Project$1,50907/01/0906/30/10
43013909Martha HighfieldSigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor SocietyNancy Petty, RN: First U.S. Nurse at the Nigerian Christian Hospital, 1965-1967 $3,33303/02/0912/31/11
43013904 Ivor WeinerVolunteers of AmericaHead Start-Grantee $3,36004/01/0906/30/09
43013898Ronald MehlerWolf Aviation FundRedundant Array of Inexpensive Sensors for Wind Shear Detection $2,20001/01/0905/31/12
40013881Deqing RenNational Science FoundationCAREER: A Portable Solar Adaptive Optics System for High Resolution Imaging Investigations $547,58102/01/0901/31/15
41013860Donald BleichCSU Real Estate & Land Use InstituteReal Estate Program Improvement Grant $10,00007/01/08OPEN
40023836Nicholas KioussisNational Institutes of HealthMultiscaleSimulations of Transport in DNA & DNA-Carbon Nanotube Systems$427,92708/01/0807/31/14
41023830John Van ArsdaleDepartment of Boating & WaterwaysBoating Safety Grant $80,00002/01/0801/31/10
40013783Dayanthie WeeraratneNational Science FoundationCollaborative Research: Depth Distribution of Anisotropic Fabric in the Oceanic Mantle $175,08403/13/0803/31/15
40013727Maria R. D'OrsognaNational Science Foundation (NSF)Stochastic Models of Viral Absorption, Fusion and Replication $118,74209/01/0708/31/11
41013557Maria Elena ZavalaCSU San MarcosMultisite Study (RIST)$4,50002/28/06OPEN
41023553Tim FoxAir Resources BoardCO2 Emission Quantification from Vehicle Air Conditioning Operation in California-Specific Conditions $400,00003/01/0605/15/10
40013541Debi Prasad ChoudharyNational Science FoundationCareer: Magnetic Tomography of Emerging Sunspots (MATES) $504,82502/16/0612/31/14