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Department OF Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures

Spanish Program
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The Spanish Program

Catedral de Burgos - Fernán GonzálezSpanish is the most studied foreign language in the United States, and Hispanic culture, from the beginnings of the Spanish Empire to the creation of the Latin American republics up to modern times, has influenced Western civilization with its historical and cultural legacy. Even today, some of the world's fastest-growing economies can be found in Latin America. The Spanish Program at CSUN offers several options for those interested in pursuing studies in this world language.

The program offers a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with two specializations: a Literature option and a Language and Culture option. Both options are designed to provide an advanced and thorough knowledge of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, and are geared towards students who wish to prepare for a career in secodary, college, or university teaching, or who intend to pursue other careers where a strong background in Spanish is essential. In addition to the major, the program also offers a minor in Spanish for students who are specializing in other languages or academic subjects, but who want to enrich their college and world experience with the study of a major language.

In addition to the undergraduate degrees, the Spanish program also offers a Master of Arts in Spanish. The major goals are to:

Why Study Spanish?