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Northridge Graduate Planning Association / Urban Planning Students Association

Northridge Graduate Planning Association

The Northridge Graduate Planning Association shall exist to augment the graduate experience for students enrolled in the school’s Master of Urban Planning program by promoting an understanding of urban planning issues, challenges, and solutions for its members.

Association Officers

Allan Sanchez

Kimberly Knabel

Treasurer (Interim)
Dang Q Nguyen

Director of Events
Jon Mijat

Stephany Perez


Urban Planning Students Association

The purpose of the Urban Planning Students of Northridge (UPSN) is to provide assistance and personal support to students involved in and or interested in the Urban Studies and Planning program. This consists of:

A: Promoting positive relationships and an ongoing exchange of ideas among students, faculty, alumni, and the urban community.

B: Developing and acquiring knowledge of the Urban Society through, but not limited to: investigating and disseminating information concerning urban problems and their potential solutions, developing expertise in the various area of urban theory on the part of UPSN members, promoting investigation into practical realities of urban problems, and learning about legislation and judicial decisions concerning urban problems.

C: Planning, and implementing a demonstration project on the CSUN Campus that embodies Urban Planning principles regarding equity, transportation, sustainability, and/or community development.

We hope you consider joining UPSN! We are open to all students who love urban studies and planning. UPSN sponsors activities such as fundraisers, guest speakers and social events. The networking opportunities provided by these activities are essential to students as they make career plans and conduct job searches.

For more information visit us at upsn.wordpress.com


Association Officers

Susana Martinez  Susana Martinez (President)






Sarah Boylan  Sarah Boylan (Vice President)






Aldo Ortega  Aldo Ortega (Treasurer)






Raquel Menanno  Raquel Menanno (Secretary)






Morgan Spadone  Morgan Spadone (Media Manager)






Liz Golden  Liz Golden (Event Coordinator)