Urban Studies & Planning

Employment Opportunities

Anticipated Part-Time Faculty Openings, AY 2016-17

URBS 460: Legal Foundations of Planning 



URBS 150: The Urban Scene

URBS 206: Introduction to Graphic Communication Tools Used by Urban Studies and Planning Professionals

URBS 250: Planning the Multiethnic City

URBS 300: The Planning Idea

URBS 310: Growth and Sustainable Development of Cities

URBS 310OL: Growth and Sustainable Development of Cities

URBS 340A: Quantitative Urban Research Methods

URBS 340B: Qualitative Urban Research Methods

URBS 345: The General Plan and Zoning

URBS 350: Cities of the Developing World

URBS 350OL: Cities of the Developing World

URBS 380: Los Angeles - Past, Present, Future

URBS 400: Planning for the Natural and Built Environment

URBS 408: Policy Making for Planners

URBS 415: The California Environmental Quality Act for Urban Planners

URBS 416: Urban Housing

URBS 425: Social Policy, Environmental Justice, and the City

URBS 435: Planning for Community Development

URBS 440: Community-based Urban Design

URBS 450: Urban Problems Seminar

URBS 460: Legal Foundations of Planning

URBS 490C: Field Work

URBS 494C: Internship

URBS 610: Contemporary Urban Planning in the United States and California

URBS 615: Analytical Principles and Practices in Urban Planning

URBS 620: Seminar in Comprehensive Planning

URBS 630: Sustainable Development and Environmental Impact Analysis

URBS 640: Seminar in Planning for Communities and Local Economic Development

URBS 650: Policy Analysis and Implementation

URBS 660: Planning Law

URBS 670: Visual Communication Skills for Urban Planners

URBS 680: Quantitative Analysis in Urban Planning

URBS 685: Qualitative Research in Urban Planning

URBS 690: Field Project in Urban Planning

URBS 698: Professional Project