Option III: Social Welfare

Social Welfare (Option III) is intended to provide the student with knowledge and skills necessary for entry professional-level employment in social work settings such as hospitals, probation and parole, public welfare, community planning, mental health and physically handicapped. Satisfactory completion of the Option makes the student eligible for entry level membership in the National Association of Social Workers upon employment. Students wishing to declare this Option as their major should plan to do so in their junior year and are required to see an advisor in the Option at least once each semester in order to plan their course load. Students planning to pursue this Option are encouraged to seek advisement prior to their junior year if possible.

Application for Enrollment in SOC 475 AF/AS & 475 BS/BF (.docx)

Lower Division Core Requirements, plus:

  • SOC 364 Social Statistics (3) and SOC 364L Social Statistics Laboratory (1) 4
  • SOC 368 Sociological Theory I (3) and SOC 368S Sociological Theory Seminar (2) 5 or
  • SOC 468 Sociological Theory II (3) and SOC 468S Sociological Theory II Seminar (2) 5
  • SOC 345 Social Psychology 3
  • SOC 356 Introduction to Social Welfare 3
  • SOC 357 Introductory Social Work Methods 2
  • SOC 357P Introductory Social Work Practicum 1
  • SOC 426 Social Legislation and Social Policy 4
  • SOC 470 Methods of Social Work 3
  • SOC 472 Proseminar in Social Welfare Practice 3
  • SOC 475AEE Supervised Field Instruction I 3 [Application for Enrollment in SOC 475 AEE (.pdf)]
  • SOC 475BEE Supervised Field Instruction II 3 [Application for Enrollment in SOC 475 BEE (.pdf)]
  • SOC 492 Dynamics of Social Behavior and Development 3
  • SOC 497 Methods of Social Research (3) and SOC 497L Research Methods Laboratory (1) 4

    Note: Courses require field instruction equivalent to 180 hours per semester.

Total credit requirements: 51 Units

4- and 5-year Degree Completion Program (.pdf)