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Susan Love

Susan Love
Associate Professor
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Susan M. Love, Associate Professor, joined the CSUN faculty in the fall of 2007. Dr. Love received both her Ph.D. in Social Welfare and MSW degree from the University of Washington. She also holds a MS in Marriage, Family and Child from JFK University, and a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley. Dr. Love has taught at California State University, Long Beach and University of Southern California. She was also a trainer at University of California, Los Angeles and the IUC Field Education Coordinator at CSU, Long Beach. Dr. Love has over 28 years of direct mental health practice experience with children, youth and family. She has 10 peer-reviewed published articles, and has presented papers at professional conferences in Antwerp, Belgium; Glasgow, Scotland; Sydney, Australia; San Francisco; and, Washington, D.C. As the principal investigator of an International team of scientists, she is completing a research grant (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, grant #69451, $1.18M) that successfully built, and tested an evidence-based parenting program delivered in social media for highly vulnerable families—shifting the developmental trajectory of at-risk children. Her current projects are developing a prevention model for the Affordable Care Act, and developing strategies and process in the child welfare Differential Response System.


  • PhD (1987) University of Washington, Social Welfare
  • MSW (1986) University of Washington, Social Work
  • MA (1975) John F. Kennedy University, Marriage, Family & Child
  • BA (1973) University of California, Berkeley, Psychology, Child Development

Courses Taught

  • • Social Welfare Policy and Services; Urban Social Policy and Advocacy
  • • Human Behavior in the Social Environment: Childhood and Adulthood
  • • Social Work Practice with Urban Families: Generalist, Family, and Individual

Selected Publications and Presentations


Love, S., Sanders, M., Metzler, C., Prinz, R. & Kast, E. (2012). Enhancing accessibility and engagement in evidence-based parenting programs to reduce maltreatment: Conversations with vulnerable parents. Journal of Public Child Welfare (in press).

Love, S., Levin, A. & Park, H-S. (Submitted). College on the road to recovery for Post 9/11 veterans: Psychosocial correlates of military students. Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice (in review).

Love, S., White, T., DeBose, H. & Loprieno, D. (submitted). The changing landscape race, culture, and family life: Interracial couples’ contributions to the conversations. Journal of Comparative Family Studies (in review).

Love, S., Park, H-S., & DeBose, H. (2011). Moving from knowledge to understanding: YouTube in the classroom. National Social Science Technology Journal, 1(4).

Koob, J. & Love, S. (2010). The implementation of Solution-Focused Therapy to increase foster care placement stability. Children and Youth Service Review, 32, 1346-1351.

Love, S., Koob, J. & Hill, L. (2008). The effects of using community mental health practitioners to treat foster children: Implications for child welfare planners. Scientific Review of Mental Health Practice, 6(1), 31-39.

Love, S., Koob, J., Hill, L. (2007). Meeting the challenges of evidence-based practice: Can mental health therapists evaluate their practice? Brief Treatment and Crisis Intervention, 7(3), 184-193.

Love, S., Suarez, A. & Love, M. (2008). Young Mothers & Babies Wellness Project: Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health. Children and Youth Service Review, 30, 1437-1446.

Love, S. & Campbell, V. (2007). Shaping attitudes in public child welfare: An innovative MSW training program. Family Preservation Journal, 10, 76-89.


Reaching vulnerable families through social media. International Triple P Research Conference, February 10, 2012, Glasgow, Scotland UK

The Power of Social Media to Engage Young Parents across the World. International Triple P Research Conference, February 8, 2011, Antwerp Belgium

Child Abuse Prevention: The Scientific Case for Parent Education. Key note speaker at the End Abuse annual professional conference, April 8, 2010, Long Beach, CA

Campbell, V. & Love, S. (March 2009). IUC Learning Plan—an innovative training program in child welfare. Refereed scholarly presentation given at Black Administrators in Child Welfare Conference, Long Beach, California

Love, S. & Hill, L. (February 2005). Quite a leap: moving social workers into the 21st Century. Refereed scholarly presentation given at NASW New Mexico conference

Research and Interests

I. Developing and beta testing Triple P-- Positive Parenting Program in a social network community to improve the developmental outcomes of vulnerable children

Secured a 1.18 million dollar grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to test the efficacy of delivering evidence based parenting program in an online learning community (social media). Currently head an international research team: three Principal Investigators: Dr. Susan M. Love, Dr. Matthew R. Sanders, University of Queensland (Australia), and Dr. Theresa Knott, CSUN; and two Co-Investigators: Dr. Ronald Prinz, University of South Carolina, and, Dr. Carol Metzler, Oregon Research Institute.

II. Returning Fathers Project: to test the effectiveness of Triple P--Positive Parenting Program to support recently prison-released fathers—promoting family wellbeing and child development

Dr. Theresa Knott is the PI, and Dr. Susan M Love is the co-PI along with the international team of researchers (Drs. Sanders, Prinz and Metzler). We are currently in the process of securing grant money.