Social work

  • two students posing next to a capstone poster project

Capstone projects create long-term impact in communitites

August 6, 2014

Connie Annmarie Villegas wrote and submitted a funded grant proposal as her Capstone project. Annmarie worked with the Sisters Breast Cancer Survivor Network agency (SBCSN) to submit a proposal to increase awareness around breast cancer in the African American community through the Sister Friend Program.  Due to Annmarie's extraordinary efforts, SBCSN was awarded $14,989 by Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Ashley Pearce wrote and submitted a funded grant proposal as her Capstone project.  Ashley worked with the Child Development Institute (CDI) in Canoga Park to submit the Healthy & Fit Together: A Two-Generation Nutrition and Wellness Program Through Student-Led Workforce Development proposal to provide nutrition and physical fitness programming for families with young children through the CDI's Early Learning Center.  Due to Ashley's outstanding work, CDI was awarded a $20,000 Champions for Health Kids grant by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Foundation and the General Mills Foundation.

Carla Orieta wrote and submitted a qualitative study that consists of in-depth interviews with participants of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) support groups. The information garnered from this study could add to the existing literature, specially when including the opinion of a diverse population with different cultural practices and service outcome expectations.The Research and Graduates Studies department at CSUN awarded Carla with the sum of $900 towards the completion of her study.