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Scott Plunkett

Picture of Professor Scott Plunkett
(818) 677-7480
Office location:
Sierra Tower #316



  • Ph.D. – Human Environmental Sciences (1997) - Specialization in Family Relations and Child Development
    Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK
  • M.Ed. - Education
  • B.A. - Psychology, Speech/Drama
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Courses Taught

  • PSY 692A: Seminar in Research Methodology
  • PSY 660. Seminar in Counseling
  • PSY 594HC. Tutorial in Psychology
  • PSY 581: Teaching of Psychology
  • PSY 460: Counseling and Interviewing
  • PSY 442: Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • PSY 321/L: Research Methods in Psychology and Lab
  • PSY 301: Psych Pre-professional Development
  • PSY 150: Principles of Human Behavior

Selected Publications and Presentations


Supple, A. J., Su, J., Plunkett, S. W., Peterson, G. W., & Bush, K. R. (online first, 2012). Factor structure of the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 44, 748-764. doi:10.1177/0022022112468942

Seegan, P., Welsh, K., Plunkett, S. W., Merten, M. J., & Sands, T. (2012). Neighborhood, parenting, and individual qualities related to adolescent self-efficacy in immigrant families. Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal, 40, 348–360. doi:10.1111/j.1552-3934.2012.02116.x

Behnke, A. O., Plunkett, S. W., Sands, T., & Bámaca-Colbert, M. Y. (2011). Latino adolescents’ perceptions of discrimination, neighborhood risk, and parenting on their own feelings of self-esteem and depression. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 42, 1179-1197. doi:10.1177/0022022110383424

Plunkett, S. W., Ainsworth, A., Henry, C. S., & Behnke, A. O. (2011). The influence of survey format on reports about fathers and mothers. Fathering, 9(3), 313-327. doi:10.3149/fth.0903.313

Henry, C. S., Plunkett, S. W., & Sands, T. (2011). Family structure, parental involvement, and academic motivation in Latino adolescents. Journal of Divorce and Remarriage, 52(6), 370-390. doi:10.1080/10502556.2011.592414

Supple, A. J., & Plunkett, S. W. (2011). Dimensionality and validity of the Rosenberg self-esteem scale for use with Latino adolescents. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 33, 39-53. doi:10.1177/0739986310387275

Frank, G., Plunkett, S. W., & Otten, M. (2010). Perceived parenting, self-esteem, and general self-efficacy of Iranian American adolescents. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 19, 738-746. doi:10.1007/s10826-010-9363-x

Plunkett, S. W., Behnke, A. O., Sands, T., & Choi, B. Y. (2009). Adolescents’ reports of parental engagement and academic achievement in immigrant families. Journal of Youth and Adolescence, 38, 257-268. doi:10.1007/s10964-008-9325-4



Research and Interests

Investigating individual, family, peer, school, and neighborhood qualities in relation to adolescent and emerging adult mental health and academics
Evaluating university and community programs that promote the health and well-being of children and adults.