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Researcher's Information

Researchers Information

Read the Research Area Privacy Policy before downloading any forms or documents.


Research Competition:

Research Competition Application

Research Competition Flier


Researcher Presentation:

These presentations are for a previous semester and do not necessarily match new credit info. (Things like...credits are now 10 minutes.)

321/Capstone presentation part 1

321/Capstone presentation part 2


Researcher Information Packet:

This packet contains all information on the procedures for setting up your research on Sona Systems and the regulations required by the Research Area. The signature form must be turned into your sponsor before you may begin your research.

Researcher Information Packet


Student Research Forms:

Student Research Approval Form

Research Information Form


Study in Progress Display Form:

This display should be placed outside your research cubicle during your experiment. It is located on the last pages of your Researcher Information Packet.


Cubicle Schedules:

Cubicles will be scheduled by the Research Coordinator's office. Once your study has been placed online at the Sona Systems site, email the Research Coordinator's office at and let them know your room choices.

You must list all times that you have available for your study.

YOU MAY NOT USE A CUBICLE until is it confirmed by the Research Area.


Available Tests

Tests Kit List


Room Information:

Contact the Research Area to reserve a room.