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James A. Mitchell

James Mitchell
Full-Time Faculty
(818) 677-2673
Office location:
ST 227



  • Princeton University, Politics, PH.D
  • Princeton University, Politics, MA
  • US Santa Barbara, Political Science, MA
  • Vassar College, AB

Courses Taught

  • 155 American Political Institutions
  • 225 Elements of International Relations
  • 310 Problems of Political Economy
  • 321 Comparative Political Ideologies
  • 422 International Politics
  • 428 International Organizations
  • 429 United States Foreign Policy
  • 430 Government and Poolitics of Selected Nations
  • 420C International Relations of Selected Areas: Eastern Europe
  • 420E International Relations of Selected Areas: Africa
  • 427A Model United Nations and Lab
  • 427B Model United Nations and Lab
  • 439A Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 471C Proseminar:International Relations
  • 522A Seminar in International Relations: Theory and Methodology
  • 522G Seminar in International Relations: Selected Topics

Selected Publications and Presentations


Understanding American Government 6/e, Robert Bresler, Robert Friedrich, Joseph J. Karlesky, D. Grier Stephenson, Charles Turner, James A. Mitchell, Horizon Publishing, 2009.

Readings in American Government, James A. Mitchell, Kendall-Hunt Publishers, 2007.

American Government and Politics in Focus 2/e, Whittier Publications, 2005.

American Government and Politics in Focus, Whittier Publications, 2004

Scholarly Articles

A Fragile Partnership: The Atlantic Alliance Since World War II, in, US-European Relations (tentative) George Voskopoulos, editor,  Papazisis Publishers, Athens 2007.

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Middle Power Statesmanship for the New Millennium: Greece in the 21st Century, in, Greek Foreign Policy, From the 20th to the 21st Century, George Voskopoulos, editor Papazisis Publishers, Athens, 2005.

Corruption, the Electoral Process, and the Politics of Transition in Romania, Romanian Journal of Society and Politics, Volume 2, Number 1, (May 2002).

A “New” New World Order?: World Affairs in An Era of Terror, Sfera Politicii, Number 100, April 2002.

The Political Economy of US-African Relations in the New World Order,  Development and Socioeconomic Progress, January-March 1996.

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Op-Ed Articles

The Mission in Iraq: Bush Cannot Have It Both Ways, American Chronicle. July 1, 2005

The Battle for the EU: A Referendum on Diversity, American Chronicle, June 28, 2005.

Book Reviews

International Politics, 4/e, Robert Art and Robert Jervis, Addison Wesley Longman, April 1998.

World Politics in a New Era, Steven Spiegel, Harcourt Brace, November 1996.

American Foreign Policy, Steven Hook, Congressional Quarterly, June 1996

Research and Interests

Dr. Michell's subfields of concentration are International Political Economy, International Relations Theory, International Organization, United States Foreign Policy, and the International Relations of Selected Areas (Africa, Eastern and Central Europe). His most recent significant professional activity was in serving as J. William Fulbright Professor at the University of Bucharest, Romania, in 1997. He currently serves as the Coordinator for the African Studies Program in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. He has also been named to Who's Who in America since 2000.