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Picture of the Capitol Building in Washington D.C.The Political Science Department at California State University Northridge offers numerous internships and special programs that promote community involvement, social and academic support. These internships and special programs frequently provide professional preparation and career enhancement. They extend and enhance classroom learning and provide practical experience in government and politics.If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please call our Department at (818) 677-3488 for more information.

The Cal State DC Internship Program offers students the chance to live and learn in the nation's capital for a full semester. Interns work in congressional offices, agencies, advocacy organizations, law firms, and in private firms.  Classes are offered with on-site Cal State faculty in the evenings and students earn up to 15 units towards graduation in the program.

Judicial Internships allow students to observe courtroom operations and assist judges in their work. Interns are assigned one-to-one to judges of the Los Angeles Superior Court or Municipal Court for the semester. Interns earn three units credit.

Administrative Internships allow students to work in various capacities in administrative offices for city, county, state, or national government agencies. Interns are placed by their work superiors, and gain experience participating in a wide variety of administrative-office functions. Interns earn up to three units credit. Political Science Internship Class 494I.

Political Internships allow students to have first-hand experience of the political system as a staff member of an office-holder or as a part of a non-governmental organization. Interns are placed by their work supervisors, and work at a wide variety of political-staff functions. Interns earn up to three units credit.

Sacramento Internships offer a limited number of students a chance to observe and participate first hand in California State government. Interns are assigned to a State government office or State office-holder's staff, and spend considerable time in Sacramento. They earn up to six units credit.

Picture of United Nations building Model United Nations (MUN) affords students the opportunity to learn the operations of the U.N. through simulation of the General Assembly Security Council and other agencies. Participants understand and defend policies of other countries' foreign policy. Skills in strategy, negotiation, and debate are developed as students strive to have their nation's views be successful in the "mock" UN. MUN students may participate in off-campus conferences and in the national MUN held in New York. Students earn up to six units credit.

Community Organization Internships give students the experience of participating in a local community organization or community service. Interns are placed by an organization supervisor or by the instructor. Interns earn three units credit.

To obtain specific information on internships and special programs, or to request application form for such, contact the Political Science office:

Department of Political Science
California State University Northridge
18111 Nordhoff St., SH 210
Northridge, CA 91330-8254
(818) 677-3488