GIS Certificate

GIS Certificate Coordinators

Dr. Soheil Boroushaki
(818) 677-4715

Dr. Regan Maas
(818) 677-3515

Program Eligibility

GIS Certificate program was developed with two intended groups in mind:

1. Currently enrolled students who wish to focus their training and skills for a career in GIS.
2. Currently employed persons who need or wish to enhance their knowledge of GIS for better understanding or to support their current job activities.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must apply for admission to the program after consultation with a certificate coordinator. Geography majors may use this certificate program to fulfill the Method and Application sections within the major. Admission to the program is open to other currently enrolled qualified university students. Non-university students may enroll in the program through the Tseng College.
To apply, download the application here and send it to Dr. Soheil Boroushaki or Dr. Regan Maas .

Program Requirements

This certificate requires a total of 15 units and fulfills the educational requirements for professional certification by the GIS Certificate Institute.


GEOG. 206/L: Introduction to GIS

GEOG. 305/L: Maps and Graphics
GEOG. 306/L: Intermediate GIS
GEOG. 406/L: Advanced GIS*
*may be taken as 499C with permission of the GIS coordinator

Select two courses:

GEOG. 304/L: Map Reading and Interpretation
GEOG. 407/L: Remote Sensing
GEOG. 408A/L: Human/Cultural Applications in GIS and Lab
GEOG. 408B/L: Environmental/Physical Applications in GIS
GEOG. 408C/L. Geospatial Project Management and Lab
GEOG. 408D/L. Spatial Database Management and Lab
GEOG. 408E/L. GIS Automation using Python and Lab
GEOG. 408F/L. WebGIS and Lab
GEOG. 408G/L. GIS and Decision-Making and Lab
GEOG. 409/L: Computer Mapping
GEOG. 460/L: Spatial Analysis
GEOG. 494: Internship
(Must be GIS/Cartography/Remote Sensing internship)
GEOG. 497F: Techniques
(Must be GIS/Cartography/Remote Sensing topic)
GEOG. 499C: Independent Studies
(Must be GIS/Cartography/Remote Sensing topic)

Graduate Students
Currently enrolled graduate students may also select one of the following courses:
GEOG. 690D: Graduate Seminar, Remote Sensing
GEOG. 690F: Graduate Seminar, Methods in GIS
GEOG. 690G: Graduate Seminar, Applications in GIS
GEOG. 699C: Independent Studies
(Must be GIS/Cartography/Remote Sensing topic)