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CSBS Climate Committee Members

Sheila Grant: Committee Chair

Image of Sheila Grant


Faculty: Psychology
Email: sgrant@csun.eduFaculty: Psychology

Jose Abara

Moshoula Capous-Desyllas

moshula professor of sociology
Faculty: Sociology
Email: moshoula@csun.edu

Michael Carter

michael carter professor of sociology
Faculty: Sociology
Email: michael.carter@csun.edu


Gabriela Chavira

Gabriela Chavira professor of psychology
Faculty Psychology
Email: gchavira@csun.edu



Kenya Covington

Image of Kenya Covington

Faculty: Urban Studies
Email: kenya.covington@csun.edu

Judith DeBonis

Image of Judith DeBonis

Faculty: Social Work
Email: judith.debonis@csun.edu

Marquita Gammage

Image of Dr. Marquita Gammage


Faculty: Africana Studies
Email: marquita.gammage@csun.edu


Que-Lam Huynh


Jeffrey Kaja

Image of Jeffery Kaja

Faculty: History
Email: jeffrey.kaja@csun.edu


Regan Maas

Sabina Magliocco

Image of Sabina Magliocco

Faculty: AnthropologyEmail: sabina.magliocco@csun.edu

Jose Paez

Boris Ricks


Joy Bartley

Image of Joy Bartley

Staff: CSBS Dean's Office
Email: joy.bartley@csun.edu

Christina Brown


Naomi Chavez (Spring 2015)

Rasmita Dhruv

Rasmita Dhruv

Staff: Anthropology
Email: rdhruv@csun.edu

David Deis

Karen Litt

Karen LiTT


Staff: Political Science

Email: karen.litt@csun.edu


Carisa Moore

Image of Carisa Moore

Staff: Africana Studies
Email: carisa.moore@csun.edu

Rachel Navarro (Fall 2014)

Patriccia Ordonez

Image of Patricia Ordonez


Staff: Urban Studies
Email: patriccia.ordonez@csun.edu

Kelly Winkleblack-Shea


Jessica Worland

Image of Jessica Worland


Staff: Psychology
Email: jessica.worland@csun.edu