Archaeology Field School Wins an Award from The Register of Professional Archaeologists

September 4, 2013

The Register of Professional Archaeologists Awards $1,000 To California State University, Northridge's RPA-Certified Field School

"The Register of Professional Archaeologists is pleased to announce the award of a $1,000 scholarship to California State University, Northridge's RPA-certified field school. This award was made to California State University, Northridge's Field School Director, Wendy Teeter, who divided the money between two deserving students. The field school is part of the Pimu Catalina Island Archaeology Project (PCIAP) off of the coast of southern California, with the objective of addressing inter- and intra-village relationships and cultural life of the Catalina Island Tongva.

The first $500 recipient was Rachel Nuzzo, she is an Anthropology undergrad from UCLA. Rachel commented on why the field school matters to her. She said, “To be honest, the Course Objectives section of the syllabus for the field school almost perfectly sums up what I want to accomplish with this field school. I hope to learn all I can about the Tongva and other cultures of study, learn how real excavations work, how things work in the lab, and get field experience in an area I believe I would like to concentrate on before I decide where to apply to graduate school. My area of interest is West Coast US Native American/West Coast British Columbian First Nations Archaeology. This field school fits perfectly within my area of interest, my subfield of interest, and I hope it will help give me the tools to proceed down my academic path with confidence.”

The second $500 recipient was Sarah Sederholm, she completed her BA in 2008 in Anthropology from Cal State Long Beach and is currently completing a GIS certificate from Southwestern College. With respect to her field school goals, Sarah said, “I hope to learn how to survey, excavate, and catalogue archaeological finds as well as learn to properly use a Trimble, compass and other GPS tools. I would also like the experience of meeting new people and working with others that are also equally as passionate about archaeology as I am.”

Congratulations to all!"

Text retrieved from Register of Professional Archaeologists' Website at