ANTH 494IM: Anthropological Field Studies: Ica Museum, Peru

Researchers working in the Ica Museum 2011

The Department of Anthropology is delighted to offer ANTH 494IM: Anthropological Field Studies:  Ica Museum, Peru:

 Ica Field School for the handling and analysis of organic artifacts

June 28,2014 - August 2, 2014

The Ica Museum field school provides an introduction to Andean archaeology in both theory and practice, with an emphasis on the unique preservation of fragile organic materials in several Andean environments and their contribution to our understanding of ancient societies.  Museum visits and illustrated lectures will complement a hands-on approach to field and laboratory methods for handling and analyzing artifacts of wood, bone, hide, reeds, cordage and textiles.   The aggregate character of fiber artifacts and their fragility require special strategies in handling, observation of features, conservation treatment and storage.  While organic artifacts can be found in occupation contexts, most have been recovered in mortuary contexts.  Therefore, we will consider their contribution to mortuary analysis, and to the contribution of mortuary analysis to our understanding of ancient Andean societies.  Students will be based at the Ica Museum, where they will be engaged in workshops, lectures, and laboratory practica 5 days/week.  There will be a field trip to a local archaeological site or museum most weekends.

For more information about the class, download a draft of the syllabus

Students will earn 8 semester units of credit from California State University, Northridge


Academic Fees:  $1750

Field Fees: $3400

Field fees include room and board throughout the field season, transportation between Lima and Ica, transportation to and from the museum each work day,field trip transportation, and basic research expenses.  Students can expect to pay approximately $900-1600 for a roundtrip ticket to Lima, Peru, depending on their departure city.  Students should also expect additional expenses such as incidentals and activities on days off.

Important dates:

March 15, 2014:  Priority given to applications received before this date.  Applications received after this date will be reviewed on a space available basis.

April 1, 2014:  $500 deposit due.  Spaces no longer guaranteed if deposit not received by this date.

May 1, 2014:  Last day to withdraw and receive a refund on your deposit.

May 20, 2014:  Last day to pay fees in full to guarantee spot in fieldschool.

June 1, 2014:  Last day to withdraw and receive a refund on your field fees, minus $500 non-refundable deposit.

Download the application

For more information, contact:

Cathy Costin

Chair, Department of Anthropology

California State University, Northridge



Ann Peters

Director, Practice in Life, Presence in Death:  Style and Substance at the Paracas Necropolis