Africana Studies

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Academic Programs


The Africana Studies major is designed to empower students with a knowledge base that will afford them an in-depth understanding of an African and African American centered perspective. Students in this field of study will develop an awareness of the African diaspora that embodies critical thinking, parallel reasoning/inquiry and sensitivity to the issues of social class, gender, race, culture and ethnicity. Upon completion of an undergraduate degree in Africana Studies, students have a foundation which prepares them to pursue careers in education, urban planning, business, entertainment, media, journalism, government, politics, international services, social work, criminal justice, counseling, and other employment ventures.  Students continuing their education in graduate studies are successful in pursuing careers in Law, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Entertainment and Education to name a few. Students are encouraged to seek internships, as well as opportunities to study abroad. The Africana Studies major affords its students, indeed encourages and empowers them, to pursue careers in the public and private sectors with competence, conscience and compassion.

Students interested in pursuing a major, double major or minor in Africana Studies, should consult a Department of Africana Studies (AFRS) advisor.


B.A., Africana Studies

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Minor in Africana Studies (pdf.)

Department Programs

The Africana Studies Major and Minor consist of course sequences and concentrations within an interdisciplinary curriculum (including History, Political Science, Literature, Cultural Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Religion and others) that provide students with intellectual training in understanding and analyzing both the broad range of the African-American experience in the U.S. and issues of the African diaspora. The Department of Africana Studies (AFRS) encompasses university-trained social scientists and humanists from the major academic disciplines.

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