The Mission of DIG LA

"Dedicated to the enhancement of intercultural communication and appreciation of cultural diversity, DIG LA is an educational resource for the California State University, Northridge community. With the goal of building a culturally diverse community that is appreciative, sensitive and understanding, DIG LA emphasizes the artistic expressions, traditions, and historical significance of various cultures. The group activities planned by DIG LA provide an opportunity for students and faculty to discuss cultural issues in a safe and open environment, encouraging a linkage between classroom learning and to our culturally diverse environment. Through various educational programs, students gain insightful knowledge of cultural groups, actively participate in thought provoking discussions, become aware of and sensitive to different communities and their traditions, and enjoy a new learning experience."

DIG LA Programming

DIG LA, or Discover, Inquire, & Grow in Los Angeles, is brought to Students and Faculty for no cost. Pending on the program's magnitude some programs may incur a nominal cost to participants, however very rare. This program is supported by funds that are arranged through the Department of Child and Adolescent Development and Division of Student Affairs. An emphasis with each program is formulated by interested faculty members who wish to bring their curriculum to a tangible reality. Ultimately, an interdisciplinary message can result through the collaboration and involvement of different classes, organizations, colleges, clubs, and interested students, staff, and faculty. By utilizing theatres, museums, lectures, tours, galleries, concerts, and speeches in the Los Angeles and surrounding areas, programs can become a doorway to the further student understanding. The DIG LA program focuses strongly on these five learning outcomes:

Learning Outcomes for DIG LA

  • Students will be more informed about the specific program emphasis and how each program relates to their curriculum/purpose.
  • Students will understand their class' specific program emphasis in accordance to the DIG LA mission.
  • Students will be able to explain the connection that links their out of classroom experience to their class' curriculum.
  • Students will be able to respond to issues about the transpired events through their personal experience.
  • Students will be able to understand other opinions, thoughts, and/or standpoints about similar issues in relation to the program emphasis.

DIG LA Programming Steps

If you are interested in DIG LA, there are several steps that you need to take as a Faculty/Staff member. There are two routes that one can take if interested in DIG LA: faculty/staff who have a program in mind, or faculty/staff who are interested in exploring possibilities that are available in the Los Angeles area. Either way, please follow these simple steps to ensure that we make this program possible.

  • Ensure that this program can be sponsored by DIG L.A
  • Please have a few things ready such as: time of event, purpose for attending, class you are interested in targeting, and further contacts that we will be working with
  • If you do not have an idea in mind but wish to take advantage in possible future programming, email or call with your class description and curriculum so that we can start exploring possibilities together

Network this idea to other faculty and staff

This program thrives off of word-of-mouth communication. If you are having a DIG L.A. event or have had one in the past, please contact other faculty and staff that may benefit from this program.

Contact the Office of Student Development & International Programs

Extension: 2393
Fax: 4596
E-mail: Christopher.aston@csun.edu

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