In Memory of Betty Herr
March 20, 2003

My name is Ratna Liem. I came from Indonesia.

It’s a blessing to me and my family to have known Mrs. Herr and her family.

Almost 21 years ago thru their son, Norman and his wife Roberta, we got to know Mr. & Mrs. Herr. They were very generous to let me and my husband, Rudy, stayed with them when I was a brand new student in this country trying to survive.

Mrs. Herr was an amazing woman. She was full of energy, she always worked hard, she never got tired, she never stopped doing things: from cooking, sewing, gardening, teaching, helping other people, serving at her church, making the doll house, working on her stamps collection, and much more. I used to think that all American women are like her. I said to myself: no wonder this country is number one in the world. They got these kinds of women to support their family!

My best memory with her was sitting in front of their front porch in their Altadena house in the late afternoons. I enjoyed helping her cutting her stamps collection, and practicing my English conversation with her. She taught me how to pronounce words correctly. She taught me many vocabularies, and the American slang. I truly appreciate her patience because there were times when I just could not get the pronunciation of the words right, no matter how many times we tried. I learned so much from her about the American culture and the value of life.

Her dedication and love to her family, to her friends, and to her church was a true witness to me. It was a reflection of God’s love. I was a young Christian then. I was at an important stage of my life, and she was there to provide me with good examples. I was so blessed to be part of the HERR family.

Mrs. Herr is very special to me. She was more than a friend to me. She was more like my American mother. She loved our two young children and us. We will truly miss her. Although it is sad to realize that she is no longer around with us, but knowing that she is in heaven with God, we should rejoice!

In loving memory of Mrs. Betty Herr:

Ratna Liem