Valentine's Day, 2009

My Sweetheart, Cheryl:                        2-14-09
On this Valentines with both of us sick and the economy unstable, little fanfare is appropriate or necessary to express love.  Nevertheless, here’s a short list of some of the reasons why I love you.

I love …

  1. The way you plan meals every week
  2. That you sometimes tip toe when you walk
  3. That you really want to keep track of what others are doing
  4. That you light up when someone asks for something out of the blue that you have in your purse
  5. That you enjoy holding hands
  6. That you love musicals with sappy romances
  7. That you love and respect your parents
  8. That you are such a good listener with our daughters
  9. That you are so diligent with your learning lab parent reports
  10. That you seasonally decorate our home
  11. That you buy lunches for me until my shelves at school are overflowing
  12. That you like history
  13. That you like to take your time reading things at museums
  14. That you like hosting Teas
  15. That you have been willing to grow in being spontaneous
  16. That you are perfectly willing to listen to others when you have a lot to say
  17. That you love quilting
  18. That you try to enjoy Lakers basketball
  19. That we can go on walks together
  20. That you are open to making new friends
  21. That you don’t sugar coat or embellish your opinions with me
  22. That you are willing to go camping
  23. That you like ballet
  24. That you love to sing in choirs
  25. That your friendships are taken very seriously
  26. That when something is wrong your first inclination is not to blame
  27. That when something is wrong your first inclination is to consider what you can do to make it better
  28. That you are so practical minded
  29. That you are such a great problem solver
  30. That you are great to brainstorm with
  31. That you collect and organize coupons
  32. That you love Marbles The Cat
  33. That you have been so open with others about our cancer
  34. That you were willing to follow my lead in moving to Granada Hills
  35. That you were willing to follow my lead in moving to FCC
  36. That you have a knee-jerk reaction against debt
  37. That you love teaching
  38. That you love teaching reading
  39. That you are good at giving kids clear expectations
  40. That you naturally volunteer
  41. That you rarely quit
  42. That you enjoy Disney
  43. That you don’t need expensive stuff
  44. That you enjoy pretty stuff
  45. That you get pleasure out of candles
  46. That you appreciate Wedgwood
  47. That you regularly exercise
  48. That you prefer to do things behind-the-scenes
  49. That you love little kids
  50. That you love to dance