Words of Thanks

I have many thank yous and if you knew Cheryl, you knew she was very big on Thank you notes.  So here are some of the notes she has helped me write.

VPS folks:  she loved working with you.  She knew your work to be truly significant.  She loved teaching kids,  particularly those who needed extra help, and she loved collaborating with you.  Thank you VPS folks for being such a big part of her life.

VPC & FCC folks:  you know we could have easily had this service at VP, the same place we were married.   Isn’t wonderful how natural and normal it feels to join more than two congregations together.  You know our hearts are knit together.  You know the choir still sings in Cheryl’s heart.   Thank you for teaching us so much about worship and service.

Nurses, Doctors, & Medical Staff.  We trusted you to tell us what we needed to know when we needed to know it.  Thank you for being so trustworthy.  You cared for us personally, practically, and even winsomely.  You truly ministered to Cheryl’s body as well as all of our spirits.  Thank you.

Guardian Angels & Friends:  The care pages say so much of the love and support we’ve been receiving.  I can’t imagine going through serious things without such family, community, and friends.  Thank you.

Sarah and Allison.  You will miss a good listener.  You will miss her advice and example.  Yet you are already in so many ways like that wonderful gal I fell in love with up at UCSB.  You are quick to volunteer and feel such a strong sense of duty and loyalty.  You organize, you learn, and you are already becoming godly women who enjoy just helping.  Your heritage is strong, faithful, and kind.  You are strong, faithful and kind.  Cheryl is so glad to be your mom.  I’m so glad to be your dad.

Mike and Gerry.  Your daughter lived with humility and kindness, traits you both instilled.  Know that she died in peace, not bitter or resentful.  Know that she is truly thankful for your being excellent parents.  Also know that while all of us are so sorry you’ve had to watch your wonderful daughter die in such a difficult way, she wants you and all of us to know that God is good and so very worth following.  She and I,  Sarah and Allison, are so grateful that you continue to be here for us as we are for you.  Thank you.