Apply to the Graduate Program


The following materials are required for admission to our graduate program. Please note that you must submit an application to both the University AND the Geology Department. Departmental applications are due January 15. Late applications will be reviewed as they are received. Priority for admission and financial support, however, will be given to those applications submitted on time.

1) Completed electronic application to the California State University Graduate system found at:

PLEASE NOTE: The above is a separate application from the departmental application. BOTH applications must be completed in order to successfully apply to the department.

2) Departmental application (DUE JANUARY 15). Please send all the following information to email: OR snailmail to Graduate Advisor, Dept. of Geological Sciences, CSUN, 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330-8266.
     a) Department Application Form , which includes a statement of your research interests.  (If your browser
         does not open the form right click on it and save the form or try this link.)
     b) 3 letters of recommendation
     c) Unofficial copies of your most recent transcripts and GRE scores from within the last 5 years. Official copies of these documents are required by the CSU system.

3) Contact prospective faculty research advisor(s). Acceptance into the program is more likely if the student has established sponsorship by a CSUN faculty research advisor.


contact Dr. Kathie Marsaglia (Graduate Advisor)