bridges cohort

CSUN-UCLA Bridges to Regenerative Medicine Program

Program Goals:

  • Our inter-institutional training program will provide an opportunity for engaged, interested, and successful Undergraduate trainees to gain the necessary skills and qualifications to springboard into careers in stem cell research. This program is expected to contribute significantly to the number of students prepared for research careers in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine that span the spectrum, from basic studies to translational approaches.
  • These Undergraduate internships will focus on a hands-on, practical laboratory-intensive training experience.
  • Trainees will participate in a week-long intensive hESC training course at Pathways for Stem Cell Science paid for by the grant.
  • Trainees will then have access to more than 40 stem cell research labs headed by UCLA faculty to complete their internship.
  • Trainees will participate in stem cell biology research in mentor labs at UCLA an average of 40 hours per week, will attend and participate in weekly stem cell biology-related seminars and journal clubs, and will attend major annual stem cell symposia at UCLA and CIRM.
  • The research that the Bridges trainees perform at UCLA will culminate in a written and oral Senior Thesis.
  • Students will be enrolled at CSUN in special internship courses that will be supported by the Bridges grant for up to $7,000 (for tuition and fees during the internship time only).
  • Students will receive a stipend of $2500 per month during the internship time only and travel fellowships to attend the CIRM symposia and a conference of their choice.

Program Information

  • 10 available undergraduate internship positions July 1 to May 31.

Target Participants

  • Highly motivated and culturally diverse Undergraduate students at CSUN.

Eligibility Criteria


  • The core requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in biology
    • These include one year of Biological Principles and Lab, one year of General Chemistry and Lab, one year of Organic Chemistry and Lab, and one semester each Cell Biology and Lab, and Genetics.
  • 296L Intro to Molecular Biology Research Lab
  • 397L Intro to Cell and Stem Cell Culture Lab or 477/L Cell and Tissue Culture and Lab
  • 375 Current Issues in Regenerative Medicine (Upper Division GE)
  • Interns will be enrolled in Senior Thesis units and will write an Honors thesis at the end of their internship.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0

Program Requirements

  • Prerequisite checks
  • 1 year Commitment to the program
  • 10 month full time internship at UCLA
  • Summer Session 3 courses:
    • 397L and 376 Ethics and Regulation of Therapy Development (6 units, grant pays tuition)
  • Fall and Spring courses:
    • 495D, 476 Topics in Stem Cell Research, 498 Senior Thesis (grant pays tuition)
  • Week-long intensive Stem Cell Techniques training course (grant pays tuition)
  • Research Presentations UCLA and CSUN symposia, CIRM meetings, and international research conferences (grant travel funding pays)
  • Community Outreach activities during internship
  • Patient Interaction activities during internship
  • Applications will be screened for compliance with eligibility requirements and scored by the admissions committee.
  • Highest scoring students will be referred to the project director, Dr. Malone, for final approval.
  • Participant selection procedures have been developed to ensure all eligible students have equal opportunity for selection.
  • Students will also be required to take the necessary safety training workshops at UCLA before beginning their internships.

How Do I Apply?

Download an application (.doc file)(.pdf file) for the Bridges Program. Applications are reviewed through February 15, 2017.