California State University, Northridge is where individuals rise — and take all of L.A. with them. And hundreds of millions of dollars are pumped back into the region’s economy annually. From the Valley, CSUN makes a world of difference radiating throughout our region — and beyond. Rise at one of the best universities in California.

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CSUN's Impact
Throughout Our Region

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CSUN Mentors Number 3

ranked the No. 3
business incubator
in the world UBI Global

Top 25

CSUN is a Top 25
Rising Star Institution
for Research in North America Nature Index

Top 25

CSUN’s film school
ranked No. 22
in the U.S. Hollywood Reporter

Top 10

College in
the nation
for value

Number 5

impact on upward
social and economic
mobility of students

Top 5%

for business
AACSB International

Top 25

Music School
in the world
The Hollywood

Top Tier

MBA program
U.S. News and
World Report

Number 1

The National
Center on
Deafness at CSUN
serves more
deaf students
than any
in the country.

Top 15

Online MPA program
in the country

Top 10

College of
Engineering and
Computer Science
recognized by
White House
for success in
graduating women
and minorities
into STEM fields.

Number 3

Performing arts
venue on
a college campus,
the Valley
Performing Arts

CSUN Students walking in pavilion.

Nearly $3.2 billion
of the earnings by
alumni from CSUN
are attributable
to their degrees.

CSUN Students on their way to class.
550 Thousand

hours served
by students
each year

Number 7

Top College
for Hispanics
Hispanic Outlook

Number 2

nationally in
Pell Grant
dollars awarded
at four-year
public universities


Partnerships with
institutions of
higher education
in 22 countries
around the globe

Number 12

MSW program
in the country

Seven Consecutive Years

The David Nazarian
College of Business
and Economics
has been recognized
as a “Best
Business School”
by Princeton Review

Top 40

Film Program

32 years

CSUN leads the
world’s largest
conference on
for persons with

Top 25

Students learn
from award-winning
former governors,
directors and

40,000 students
11,000 graduates
360,000 alumni
Elevating California

Students walking and biking to class.
Students on the pavillion.

“I’m finding that teachers
coming out of CSUN are
better than those from
other universities.”


Rebecca Mieliwocki
Teacher of the year 2012

Students walking in front of the Oviatt entrance.
Students walking in front of the Oviatt entrance.

“You’re never too old
or too busy to finish
your education.”


Eva Longoria ’13 M.A.
Actress, entrepreneur, activist

A therapist and child in the pool.
Number 2

student population
of any U.S. master’s
level institution
Chronicle of
Higher Education

Number 1

Graduates more
teachers than
the entire
UC system

Number 16

Nationally awarded
bachelor's degrees Top Ranked

Top 25

university in the
nation in number
of grads who go
to earn doctorates
in research
and sciences National Science


Ranked fitness
and recreation
complex on
on a college campus BestValueSchools.com

Top Ranked

Recipient of
Champion of
Access Award
from Institute
for Higher
Education Policy

Number 1

CSUN leads
the CSU
system with its
CPA pass rate,
and CSUN graduates
make up one-third
of accounting
professionals in
the Los Angeles

Number 1

The total number of
CSUN Alumni Donors
Has Risen 152%
during the
last three years

Number 1

CSUN’s Younes and
Soraya Nazarian
Center for the Performing
Arts is the “Best
Concert Hall
You’re Missing Out On" LA Weekly

Linda Lingle
Linda Lingle.
Leadership Incubator

Leaders aren’t born. They’re forged in the crucible of life. They’re mentored and molded. They experience, learn and grow. CSUN opens the door to opportunity to nearly 40,000 students every year and serves as the proving ground where individuals gain knowledge and confidence. Linda Lingle translated her CSUN education into ownership of a community newspaper and then furthered her impact by becoming the first woman to lead the state of Hawaii as governor.

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Rebecca Mieliwocki
Photo of Rebecca Mieliwocki
Elevating The Region

Rebecca Mieliwocki—the 2012 National Teacher of the Year—teaches our future leaders that experience is the best teacher. She helps them to become their best selves and prepares these “Can Do Kids” to take on the challenges of the 21st century. Through vibrant, real-life experiences like making movies, creating charities, writing books, designing murals and keeping interactive journals, students leave her classroom with a keen set of communication skills and the ability to take on the world. They realize it’s not so much what you know, but what you do with your knowledge to make the world better that matters most.

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David Nazarian
David Nazarian
Lifting Los Angeles

With 330,000 alumni like visionary entrepreneur David Nazarian, the LAEDC recognized CSUN as the 2015 Eddy Award winner for its positive economic impact. David has spent his career discovering and investing in winners, but he achieved his highest ROI by investing in his alma mater. CSUN’s David Nazarian College of Business and Economics is one of the 10 largest accredited business schools in the nation, helping the business community connect with the wealth of talent found in our region’s diversity.

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Cesar De Jeronimo
Cesar De Jeronimo
Student Rising

Moved by helping others move, Cesar De Jeronimo is a force in our kinesiology department. In addition to balancing schoolwork with a part-time job, he’s deeply invested in giving back. As a Presidential Scholar, a Students Run Los Angeles volunteer and lead exercise instructor of CSUN’s 100 Citizens program, Cesar is showing everyone how to rise higher by hitting the ground running. And with a goal to earn his Ph.D. in Rehabilitation Science to help rehabilitate individuals with cardiovascular trauma, students like Cesar aren’t just the backbone of our kinesiology department — they’re the heart of exercise science.

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Virginia Huynh
Virginia Huynh
Lifting Los Angeles

Dr. Virginia Huynh is an Associate Professor in the College of Health and Human Development’s Department of Child and Adolescent Development. Her latest research expands the way we think about microaggressions, our surrounding culture and how these conditions affect our well-being. She studies how our attitudes and behaviors toward others can actually affect their physical and emotional health. Seemingly prejudiced remarks or behaviors, which may be grounded in a curiosity of one another, can nonetheless be harmful and/or offensive.

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Donald Petrie
photo of donald petrie

Acclaimed Hollywood film director Donald Petrie ’76 has worked with everyone from Julia Roberts to Brad Pitt to Sandra Bullock. He’s best known for such films as Grumpy Old Men, Miss Congeniality, Mystic Pizza and a host of other favorites. Petrie’s unyielding commitment to always learning and never accepting “good enough” as good enough — traits he learned as a student at CSUN — created the opportunity to see his vision realized on film. Now, he’s not only elevating Hollywood, he’s elevating Hollywood’s future filmmakers by teaching two classes at his alma mater this spring.

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CSUN is a partner, training ground and supplier of the individuals who rise and keep this region thriving. By investing in us, you’re not just donating; you’re becoming a primary stakeholder in the region’s future — providing the base for its peak.


We’re the third-largest university in California. Graduating more than 10,000 prepared professionals a year, adding hundreds of millions back into the region annually. Yet the resources to power this economic engine are no longer a given. So by giving to CSUN you’re not only investing in us — you’re investing in yourself, the region and California. You provide the base for all of us to ascend at one of the best universities in southern California.

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When our students rise, they take Los Angeles with them

This is where more than 300,000 alumni connect and network to put this region to work. With ways to engage with one another, give back and elevate our region, the Alumni Association is where Matadors grab opportunity by the horns and charge ahead at one of the top universities in California.

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