Research and Graduate Studies

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    Research and Sponsored Projects

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    Research and Sponsored Projects

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    Research and Sponsored Projects

Proposal Development & Procedures

Step One: Notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

Coordination with the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) is key to a successful submission. You can notify ORSP of your intent to submit a proposal by submitting this short online form.

Step Two: Develop Your Narrative

The Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) can help you develop the idea, find collaborators, and write and edit the narrative. We have a grant writer on staff:

Dr. Shelley Bartenstein
(818) 677-5223

Step Two: Develop Your Budget

Before developing your budget, you are advised to contact Scott Perez  or Shirley Lang, who can both be reached at x2901.  We can assist you and discuss any special needs you may have.  We can work with you to develop a budget spreadsheet, ensuring that faculty and staff pay rates, student assistant pay rates, fringe benefit rates, indirect cost rates (IDC)/facilities & administrative cost rates (F&A), travel/per diem/mileage rates, foreign travel insurance costs, and cost of living increases are accurately calculated.  Electronic budget forms are used for most federal agencies, and in these cases, information from the budget spreadsheet developed can be manually transferred. 

Step Three: Send Your Proposal

All proposals for extramural support must be reviewed and submitted by ORSP. For hard copy submissions, we will make copies and FedEx your proposal along with a transmittal letter to the agency. We will distribute copies on campus as appropriate. We will also submit all proposals that require electronic submission. Before your proposal can be submitted, please note:

  • Proposal Approval Form: Before a proposal can be submitted, a Proposal Approval Form, signed by your department chair and dean, must be on file with ORSP.
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form: Anyone applying for a contract or grant must complete a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form, which must be on file with ORSP. This policy complies with federal and state regulations concerning conflict of interest.
  • Human and Animal Subjects: You must have approval for work with human and/or animal subjects prior to the beginning of your project.