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    Research and Sponsored Projects

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    Research and Sponsored Projects

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    Research and Sponsored Projects

Proposal Development & Procedures

Developing and submitting a proposal is a five-step process.

Your stakeholders include your college Dean and Grants Officer, department Chair, multiple staff in the central research and sponsored projects office, and CSUN executive administration. Following the following five steps will help to ensure that your application is more competitive, submitted successfully, and complies with CSU and funding  agency regulations.

Step One: Notify the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

Coordination with ORSP is key to a successful, on-time, error-free submission. Please notify ORSP of your intent to submit a proposal with this brief, online form.

Step Two: Develop Your Proposal

The ORSP Grant Coordinator assigned to your college will follow up to help you develop a checklist of required documents and address the following key components:

  • Budget: CSUN requires that your request for funding is supported with a detailed budget showing accurate salaries, reassign time, fringe benefit rates, travel allowances, student training stipends, indirect/facilities and administrative costs, and other expenses. Your Grant Coordinator will provide current rates and help you to create an accurate budget. The information will help you to develop the budget justification required with most proposals.
  • Narratives: ORSP can provide templates, sample documents, tables, and boilerplate text to help you complete common applications component, such as Institutional Information, Multiple PI Leadership Plan, Resource Sharing Plan, Facilities and Other Equipment, and budget justifications. Working with the Grant Coordinator can help you identify these needs early.
  • Protocols: If your research has human or animal subjects, your application may require narrative text regarding exemption or non-exemption. Also, your protocols must be approved prior to expending research funds. To ensure that your research begins on schedule, please during proposal development to discuss the protocol review process. 

Step Three: Complete Internal Forms

To ensure your proposal complies with funding agency regulations and CSU Executive Order 890, please submit a Proposal Approval Form (PAF) for the proposal and Conflict of Interest (COI) forms for all investigators a minimum of four business days prior to your proposal submission date. The Grant Coordinator will help you to identify other required compliance documents. 

 Your Dean and Chair must sign the PAF, as well as any co-investigators and their deans and chairs. Please circulate the PAF early. Your college’s grant staff can confirm your college’s processes for approval and routing and provide other valuable support. 

Step Four: Proposal Review

To ensure that your work complies with CSU Executive Order 890, ORSP must review all proposals for extramural support prior to submission. Send your all final documents required for your application package, including a final budget, and completed internal forms to your Grant Coordinator a minimum of four business days before your submission date.  ORSP staff will review documents for compliance, complete required certifications, assemble the package, and notify you of issues needing action. Working with your liaison early can help you to meet funding agency regulations that change year-to-year, making for a more competitive application and successful submission.

Step Five: Proposal Submission

With few exceptions, all proposals for extramural support must be submitted by an Authorized Official in ORSP. ORSP staff will submit all proposals that require electronic submission. For hard copy submissions, ORSP will make copies and FedEx your proposal along with a transmittal letter to the agency. We will distribute copies on campus as appropriate.

Following submission and prior to award

Be prepared to spend your grant funds! Submit your protocols for human and animal subjects research early. Have questions about protocols? or call him at x5195.