Research and Graduate Studies

Grant Writing Samples

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What's Available...

Institutional Description and Community Data

  • CSUN Institutional Description (Background of organization; success in preparing STEM graduates, enrollment data, STEM data)
  • SCORE Institutional Data (minority student enrollment in STEM departments) and Letters of Commitment
  • School profiles (LAUSD schools in San Fernando Valley)
  • Community profiles (2010 US Census data)

Application Components

Department of Health and Human Services / NIH

  • Abstract
  • Relevance Statement
  • Specific Aims
  • Research Strategy
  • Facilities & Other Resources
  • Equipment
  • Biographical Sketch – Personal Statement
  • Protection of Human Subjects
  • Inclusion of Women and Minorities
  • Targeted/Planned Enrollment Table
  • Inclusion of Children
  • Resource Sharing Plan
  • Budget Narrative

National Science Foundation (NSF)

  • Project Summary
  • Project Description
  • Dissemination Plan
  • Integration of Research and Education
  • Broader Impact Statement
  • Intellectual Merit
  • Biographical Sketch
  • Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources
  • Data Management Plan
  • RUI Impact Statement
  • Proposal for Conferences, Symposia and Workshops
  • Postdoctoral Researcher Mentoring Plan
    National Postdoctoral Association

US Department of Education

  • GEPA Statement
  • Human Subjects Research
  • Evaluation Logic Model