Research and Graduate Studies

Grant Application Procedures

Important Timeline Considerations:

The Office of Research & Sponsored Projects (ORSP) requires a lead time of 4 working days prior to the submission deadline to receive all materials for your proposal. 

This will provide the staff with time to properly review the proposal and submit it prior to the funding agency's deadline.  If submission materials are not received 4 working days prior to the deadline, ORSP cannot guarantee that your proposal will be successfully submitted.

Due to the volume of proposals submitted for external funding, ORSP should be notified as soon as the decision is made to develop a proposal.

All funding proposals to the public sector and any proposals that involve human or animal subjects, no matter what type of source, must be processed through ORSP.  ORSP will ensure that the proposal meets the agency’s guidelines; that the budget is calculated correctly and in compliance with agency and university policies; that cost share commitments, if any, are appropriately documented; that any special compliance issues have been addressed; and that appropriate signatures have been obtained.  In all cases, CSU policy requires that an authorized representative of the university review and sign all proposals prior to submission. The Associate Vice President of Research and Graduate Studies, the Director and the Assistant Director of Research and Sponsored Projects are the individuals authorized to review and sign proposals on behalf of the university.

A Proposal Approval Form (PAF) and Conflict of Interest (COI) form must also be completed prior to submitting a proposal. 

The PAF must be signed by the Principal Investigator (PI), all Co-Principal Investigator/s (Co-PI/s), the department chair/s, and the dean/s. This process verifies that the proposal has been approved by the department/s and college/s involved.  The COI form must be completed and signed by the PI and any Co-PI/s.  

Most agencies now require electronic proposal submission.

Given the different requirements of each electronic proposal system, timing is critical. Some systems require both the individual researcher and the institution to register. Some require registration up to two weeks prior to the submission of a proposal, and some require unusual formatting. If a proposal you are submitting requires submission through the system, please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects immediately at x2901 for special instructions. Please be aware that additional lead time is required for all submissions. Please note that the university has a DUNS number and is already registered with

The ORSP staff can help you to:

  • Identify funding sources
  • Write or edit your proposal
  • Prepare your budget
  • Complete required forms and electronic application packages (institutional information for completing forms)

The ORSP office will:

  • Complete required certifications for the proposal
  • Make copies of the proposal as necessary for hard copy submission
  • Submit your proposal in either hard copy via fedex or in electronic form
  • Administer your award through The University Corporation

Compliance issues to consider:

  • Any research involving Human Subjects or Animal Subjects requires approval prior to the award.
  • PI's receiving funding from a non-governmental source must complete Form 700U (Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators) and complete the CSU Ethics & Conflict of Interest Code Training. ORSP will contact you if you are required to complete these items.
  • PI's submitting to any PHS agencies, including NIH, must complete online training in Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI) before engaging in the sponsored research. Register at CITI Program to access this training module.

Please contact the Office of Research and Sponsored Project staff at x2901 to discuss your proposal needs.