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Notice (ETD-13-02) Solicitation of Applications for Enabling Technology Development Research for the Electric Distribution Grid and the Smart Home

The Enabling Technologies Development (ETD) Project is soliciting proposals for innovative disruptive enabling technologies for the Distribution Grid and the Smart Home by September 16, 2013.

This solicitation is a “Closed Solicitation”; only the University of California or the California State University may respond. Funding for the awards is from the California Energy Commission and administered through California Institute for Energy and Environment (CIEE). The research team must be collaborative (multi-institutional) and multidisciplinary (e.g., expertise in different areas (e.g., physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering). The proposed research must also address objectives described in the Research Opportunity Notices (RONs) found below.

The selection of proposals for Grant Agreement award will be made between January and February 2014. Proposed research work must conclude by March 30, 2015. Extension of the awards is not possible.

Grants may be awarded up to $400K. The final amounts and statements of work are subject to negotiation.

The research concepts described in the full proposal must address the research goals presented in the Enabling Technologies Research Opportunity Notices (RON) linked below:

Enabling Technologies for the Smart Home (2013) (.pdf)

Enabling Technologies for the Distribution Grid (2013) (.pdf)

It is anticipated at least one Grant Agreement (top scoring proposal) will be awarded for each RON. Lower scoring proposal(s) with high merit may also be considered for award. We anticipate awarding up to four awards under this solicitation.

Proposals must clearly demonstrate:

1.     Research of disruptive and innovative enabling technologies

2.     Research that addresses objectives in one or both RON(s)

3.     Research team is collaborative (e.g., multi-institutional)

4.     Research team is multidisciplinary (e.g., different departments)

5.     Research can be completed by March 30, 2015

The following dates are of importance:

September 16, 2013   Deadline for full proposal submittal
Please include a title page and a budget page in the proposal:

Proposal Title Page template (.doc)

Budget Page template (.xls)

October 15, 2013         Completion of Technical Review

November 15, 2013            Notification of intent to award

February 1, 2014             Award issued (subject to CEC business meeting schedule)

The Proposal submittal process is described in the following two documents:

Program Management Manual (PMM) (.pdf)

Grant Application Manual (GAM) (.pdf)

The website for the solicitation may be found at

If you have questions, please contact the ETD Project Manager, Therese Peffer. A Frequently Asked Questions page will be posted shortly and updated regularly on the website.

Therese Peffer
California Institute for Energy and Environment
2087 Addison Street, Second Floor
Berkeley, CA, 94704

Submit proposals electronically to