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CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards

The application deadline for the 2016-2017 cycle of the RSCA program has passed. 

Each year, the University Research and Grants Committee requests applications from faculty members for the annual competition for awards to support faculty research, scholarship and creative activity, interpreted broadly to mean the disciplined quest for broadening human understanding. This quest includes artistic creation and the study of moral values, as well as logical and empirical inquiry into any field appropriate to the functions of the University. Projects related to curriculum development will not be considered. In concert with the campus-wide effort to support scholarly activity by probationary faculty, those who have been at CSUN for five years or less are strongly encouraged to apply.

In recent years, there have been two categories of awards: 1) mini-grant, not to exceed $10,000 or 2) reassigned time units (three or six may be requested, to be utilized during the academic year).  Mini-grants may be used for faculty summer salary (up to $5,000), student assistants, materials and supplies, travel to conduct research, and/or equipment.  Preference is given to interdisciplinary collaborations and individual smaller proposals.  Projects may involve multiple faculty, but are subject to the limits previously described.  The committee will not review incomplete, wrongly formatted, or late proposals.

If you have any questions please contact , x 2901.

Download the 2016-2017 Guidelines for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards for reference.

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  • Each College awards an annual fellowship. Please check with your Dean's Office for information.