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CSUN Competition for Research, Scholarship and Creative Activity (RSCA) Awards

The University Research and Grants Committee requests applications from faculty members for the annual competition for awards to support faculty research, scholarship and creative activity, interpreted broadly to mean the disciplined quest for broadening human understanding. This quest includes artistic creation and the study of moral values, as well as logical and empirical inquiry into any field appropriate to the functions of the University. Projects related to curriculum development will not be considered. In concert with the campus-wide effort to support scholarly activity by probationary faculty, those who have been at CSUN for five years or less are strongly encouraged to apply.

Beginning with the 2016-2017 cycle of the RSCA program, the Chancellor’s Office is requiring all campuses to administer the program via an Internet-based software platform called InfoReady. The InfoReady website should be accessible via the campus portal. We do not expect significant changes to the guidelines or application, but faculty will need to complete their applications at the InfoReady website. ORSP is working with IT and the CO to configure InfoReady and allow faculty to begin developing their applications as soon as possible. While we work to complete the configuration process we will send email updates and post additional information on the ORSP website. We will release the guidelines and application in pdf format in the near future so faculty can begin to plan their applications. However, we will NOT accept applications unless they are submitted via the InfoReady website. We will do our best to make the web-based application look the same as the current pdf application. However, there will likely be some formatting differences. The information faculty will be required to submit for the forms, budget, etc. should remain consistent with past years. Please contact ORSP at x2901 if you have questions. Download the 2015-16 application for reference.

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Office of Community Engagement

  • GE Paths Service Learning Course Development
  • Service Learning Course Development
  • Discipline-Based Community Learning Project & Research
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  • Service Learning Course Support and Dissemination

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College Research Fellowships

  • Each College awards an annual fellowship. Please check with your Dean's Office for information.