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QS Coordinator & Advisor

The Coordinator for the Queer Studies Program is Dr. Gregory Knotts.

He is also the Advisor for the QS Program.

Please come in and see the QS Advisor if you have any questions about your class scheduling or if you are considering Queer Studies as a minor.

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Queer Studies Minor Requirements

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Queer Studies minors take 3 core courses (9 units), plus 3 courses (9 units) of Queer Studies electives.

The minor in Queer Studies is an 18 unit minor. It consists of 3 required courses, plus 3 electives.

Students who have already taken some Queer Studies electives may apply them retroactively to the minor.

Required Courses (9 Units)

QS 301 Perspectives in Queer Studies (3)

This course introduces students to the current theories and histories in Queer Studies, including closely related fields such as transgender studies. The course provides one of the foundations in the minor which introduces students to the scope of Queer Studies, to scholarly and activist resources, and to the varied interdisciplinary, methodological, and theoretical paradigms in the field. The course explores how gender and sexuality intersect and collide with the experiences of national, ethnic, racial, gender, class, and other identifications. Because the course is interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, and concerned with issues of gender and sexuality, it also serves as a stand-alone course for students with an interest in the field who do not choose to pursue the minor.

QS 302 L.A. in Transit: Communities Organizations(3)

This course provides students with a broad understanding of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, and queer communities, organizations and politics in Los Angeles, with attention to how these are shaped by nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, class and other identifications. Queer Studies 302 will introduce students who are preparing to become teachers to the community-based knowledges they will need in order to provide equal educational opportunities to their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, and queer students. Moreover, understanding these community-based knowledges will prepare students who are headed for careers in counseling, social work, law, or health care professions to provide informed, culturally-sensitive services to their lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, intersexed, and queer clients or patients.

QS 490 Queer Studies Senior Capstone(3)

Capstone course for the Queer Studies minor. Students develop and complete theoretically-informed individualized research projects in Queer Studies in a structured setting including peer and instructor feedback and guidance on selecting an appropriate topic, conducting research, drafting and revising, and presenting the completed project. Course may be offered online or in a classroom setting.

Upper Division Electives (9 units)

AAS 455 Asian American Sexuality(3)
ENGL 368 Gay Male Writers(3)
ENGL 369 Lesbian Writers (3)
SOC 452 Sociology of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Communities(3)
WS 410 Sex, Lies and Media(3)
QS 401 Advanced Topics in Queer Studies(3)
QS 499 Queer Studies Independent Study(3)


other elective courses as approved by the Program Coordinator.

Total Units in The Queer Studies Minor (18 units)

Minor students must take QS 301, QS 302, and three elective courses for a letter grade. QS 490 can be taken for a letter grade or for credit/no credit for all students.