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QS - Calendar


Queer Studies - Calendar

Two drag queens at a pride parade in ViennaFall 2012

LGBTA General Meeting - Thursdays at 7 p.m. (Thousand Oaks Room).


A brand new Pride Center has opened at CSUN. There will be a Grand Opening Celebration on Thursday September 27th from 10am – 2pm.

10am : Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

11am – 1pm: VIP Luncheon with Keynote from Ronni Sanlo (for administrators, faculty/staff, off campus colleagues)

11am - 2 pm: Celebration (open to everyone). Includes LGBTQ Resource Fair, Official NoH8 photo shoot, Video booth, etc.

Check out the new Pride Center webpage: http://pride.csun.edu/


SegreGAYtion - Video by CSUN Student

Ron Veliz, from the graduating class of 2012, created this video about overcoming anti-LGBTQ discrimination by working toward change on the CSUN campus. The video is co-directed by Nancy Pelacios. It was screened at CSUN's Rainbow Graduates Celebreation ceremony on May 21, 2012.

Please click this link to watch the video on YouTube. Feel free to share widely.


Wong Sayaman Equality Award

Each year, the QS Program gives out the Wong-Sayaman Equality Award in the Spring. Watch this space for an application form.


Shared Calendar for Queer Studies Program, LGBTA and CSGR

The calendar below has events associated with the Queer Studies Program, as well as events by LGBTA, CSGR, Gender & Women's Studies, and the Women's Resource and Research Center. This provides you with a calendar that brings together Queer/LGBT/ Gender related events in our campus community. We have also included the calendar from the "No on 8" campaign so students can consider volunteering or attending events on that issue.


Prop 8

The Queer Studies Program views Prop 8 as a discriminatory proposition that took away the constitutional right to marry from same sex couples in California. While we recognize and respect the diverse critiques of marriage as an institution, we see the passage of Prop 8 as motivated by homophobia and encourage its repeal.  We also encourage protestors against Prop 8 not to target specific ethnic communities, but to recognize that large numbers of Californians of all ethnicities voted both for and against Prop 8.

Prop 8 Protest

Below are links to video shot by QS faculty and students from the wave of protests against Prop 8.

From Student Billimarie Robinson


From Prof. Ian Barnard


If you are a student or faculty member at CSUN and would like to link your video from protests here, please contact: sheena.malhotra@csun.edu